Why isn't my gas stove heating up?

Gas stove - what temperature?

Temperature of the gas flame

The heat generated by the flame in a gas stove is often underestimated. It is also not the same everywhere. One differentiates:

  • the flame core
  • the flame mantle
  • the flame border

The flame core is the inner part of the flame, around it is the so-called flame jacket. The edge of the flame is usually almost invisible, but it is the hottest area of ​​the flame.

The temperature of the glowing flame is generally between around 840 and 900 ° C. In the flame jacket and especially in the flame border, however, the temperatures can be much higher, often up to 1,500 ° C or even up to 2,000 ° C.

Melting pots

Although the melting point of steel and steel alloys is in most cases below the melting point of iron (1,536 ° C), you cannot melt a steel pot with a gas stove. A veritable “glowing through” of pots on the highest flame (especially when they are empty) can seriously damage pots and warp. In addition, handles can melt.

Temperatures in the gas oven

In contrast to the electric stove, no degrees are given with the gas oven, only steps are given. Not everyone is familiar with the assignment of the individual levels to the respective temperature ranges.

In general, European (metric) ovens have an 8-step classification. Each stage is 20 ° C hotter than the previous one. In conventional gas ovens, the temperature scale starts at 140 ° C (level 1) and ends at 280 ° C (level 8).

Reduced minimum temperature

However, some modern ovens offer the option of setting temperatures below 140 ° C. This is achieved through a clock cycle, which means that the furnace no longer heats permanently at this level, but only at intervals.

In this case, the temperature classification may shift. The level classification must then be requested from the manufacturer.

English gas ovens

In countries where the temperature is not measured in ° C but in Fahrenheit, gas ovens usually have a 12-step classification. Each stage is 25 ° F hotter than the previous one, starting at 275 ° F (around 135 ° C). The total temperature range is the same (up to approx. 280 ° C). A temperature of 200 ° C is reached in such cookers at level 6 (400 ° F).

You will also find a clear conversion table for levels and degrees in this article. The advantage of hobs - compared to electric stoves - is that the temperature can be regulated quickly and immediately. This is essential for high cuisine.

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