How do brokers get customers

How to find new sales properties


Anyone who goes shopping in this city in northern Germany cannot ignore it: they are emblazoned on every second shopping cart in the region's supermarkets Billboards of the broker "Immo / tion *", the property owner once a month for the "Real estate morning pint“Invites you to his rooms with a short lecture. The topics address the worries and needs of property owners: “Correct inheritance and inheritance”, “How do I protect myself from renting nomads?”, “Selling property myself - what do I have to consider?” Anyone interested can contact them by phone, email or even register with a postcard in an old fashioned way. A link to the broker's homepage is also given.

On the website, those interested can find very specifically prepared Content: for sellers who have inherited, who want to move, who have to sell for reasons of age or liquidity. Videos, brochures, e-books and even a Customer magazine with valuable tips for the sale, but also for the phase after the successful placement. The latter is important in order to retain recommendations and tipsters over the long term. Thanks to the know-how imparted, it is immediately clear to everyone that the broker is competent. And he's likeable too, like them Self-presentation reveals on the homepage.

On the Real estate morning pint-Events appear an average of 50 people. It has - thanks too Advertising in the weekly paper (target group: 50 plus), regular Direct mail and a useful one Youtube channel (Target group: 30-49 years) - Word got around that really excellent information is shared here in a relaxed atmosphere. At each event, around ten participants leave their addresses and are visited by the “Immo / tion” team.

Of course, the broker also obtains permission to contact the seller and provide them with regular News to supply. On average, each event generates four new properties that “Immo / tion” can broker for its new customers - and four to five as well recommendations. The realtors from “Immo / tion” make every participant a Tipster: Anyone who knows a neighbor, friend or relative who wants to sell their property will receive a gift for their tip. Because you know each other, these are not wrinkly 08/15 gifts, but actually individual and valuable gifts. After only six months, the real estate agents from “Immo / tion” have established themselves as the local experts for residential real estate. In the meantime, enough objects come "by themselves".

* Immo / tion is a fictional company: For illustrative purposes, we have summarized the successful practices of various brokerage firms in one company.