How do I start a crowdfunding business

Crowdfunding: One business idea funded by many

The alternative building blocks "Tinkerbots"

The Brandenburg companyKinematics GmbH produces the"Tinkerbots", Robotics construction kits with which children are introduced to technology in a playful way. Co-founderLeonhard Oschütz was already working on the first prototype at the Bauhaus University in Weimar in 2009. Before the product went into series production, the start-up collected more than 800 pre-orders via crowdfunding in 2014 - which is about$ 300,000 got together. The “My first Robot” set costs around 120 euros.

The photo shows the founders of Tinkerbots (Photo: Kinematics).

Unique views: "Panono" panorama camera

ThePanono 360 degree camera is unique: the camera ball takes 36 individual images, which are combined to form a panorama image. The images are sent directly to a mobile device via WLAN. There was about crowdfunding, for example$ 1.25 million, later via crowd investing (see below) a further 1.6 million euros. However, due to insolvency, Panono GmbH was bought up by a Swiss investment company in 2017. “Panono” is still available on the market, starting at around 1,830 euros.

Photo: Panono

Modern mobile: electric scooter "Scrooser"

The Berlin start-upScrooser about inventorsJens Thieme collected around 30 days via crowdfunding in the summer of 2013$ 186,500to go into series production with the “Scrooser” electric scooter of the same name. Thanks to the electric motor and powerful battery, the scooter with a steel frame and stylish colors drives up to 55 kilometers and up to 25 kilometers per hour. Prices start at 4,500 euros.

Photo: Scrooser

"Tado": Smart control for heating and air conditioning systems

An intelligent air conditioning system knows when to provide cooling for the residents - and even in which room. The whole thing works thanks to smart control via app, developed byTado, a start-up from Munich founded in 2011 that had already brought a heating control onto the market. For their new project with an international focus, the founders Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz and Leopold von Bismarck contributed with the help of crowdfunding within 30 days in May 2014$ 204,000 from over 1,600 supporters together.

Photo: Tado