Why are teachers exempt from overtime

GEW study on teachers' working hours: two thirds work almost every weekend - part-time workers are particularly disadvantaged

The problem with the whole discussion is only to blame for the teachers.
The teachers feel responsible and think they are employers themselves who are responsible for the success of the lessons.
No regular employee / worker at any public authority or private company would come up with the idea of ​​working unpaid overtime during holidays or after work, or on weekends, etc.
At least most of them don't. The fact that a few idiots do it anyway only confirms the rule.

These idiots are their own fault, they cannot be helped either.
Every teacher is free to organize their lessons, i.e. to prepare them, so that they do not have to work overtime.
If you don't want that, you don't need to complain, not even about the GEW.

The country is responsible for school success. Not the teachers.
Instead of grumbling, strict service according to regulations, i.e. no more preparation, or limited preparation if paid working hours are exceeded.
Why should you show solidarity with an employer who wants to exploit you?

Not with me. I am a vocational school teacher and civil servant and strictly adhere to the law in my working hours.
That means with 25.5 weekly school hours, supervision and conferences, correction and grading, etc. approx. 1/2 hour preparation per school hour. No work on weekends, no work after 4 p.m., no work during vacations / public holidays. It is clear to me that this is not enough for GOOD teaching, but that is not my problem. It is clear to me that my students have to pay for all this and it is not my fault. Because it's your own fault, why did their parents choose such a government?

I don't need a trial or any other dispute.
I don't care whether the weekly hours are increased either. Just let it increase.
For me, (unprepared) lessons are much more relaxing than preparation.
40 hours of lessons per week with work (conferences, grades, etc.) in the breaks would be perfectly ok.
Then there are only unprepared lessons.
I don't understand why such a barrel is opened here. These stupid idiot teachers end up doing compulsory labor voluntarily. Too much do-gooder inhaled.

I would also have no objection if the teachers' working hours were regulated by time monitoring and mandatory attendance at the school. With a teacher's workstation set up (open-plan office or study), my apartment would finally be free from my work. Where can I get something like that, I have to rent larger living space for my employer so that I can make my materials, books, PC, etc. available to the country free of charge. But that will soon be over soon. I have to read service emails at home? No I do not have to. My private PC is not owned by the country, my internet connection and my electricity bill are not reimbursed. I have to check WebUntis to see if I have a representative tomorrow? No, I don't have to, for the same reasons. If you want something from me, you should call in good time. Tomorrow morning I'm not doing any defense anyway. Overtime is to be announced in good time. Lessons canceled? Not my problem, should the country hire substitute teachers or not.

No Mercy, only then will you be relaxed and satisfied.