What music do teenagers make


Music - an important part in the life of young people

The music industry has changed in recent years with the development of streaming services. Nevertheless, despite competition from smartphones, the radio is still a popular medium for listening to music - according to the young people's own estimates, 79 minutes a day. The young people's enthusiasm for music has remained constant over the years, as the 2016 JIM study reveals.

How do young people listen to music?

While CDs were still collected in the past, music is now available almost everywhere via smartphones and the Internet. Nonetheless, the radio is still the favorite medium among young people for listening to music, followed by YouTube and streaming services such as Spotify. Listening to music on CDs, cassettes or the MP3 player has been relegated to fourth place.

Music means a lot to young people. On the one hand, it serves to regulate the mood, it can be used as a background activity, on the other hand, the taste in music can establish group membership and sometimes music can even serve as a family activity when the family goes to a concert together. By the way, making music yourself landed in fourth place of the most popular non-media leisure activities among young people in the JIM study.

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