Have teachers ever had a favorite student


In my opinion, our school only has nice teachers. I get on well with everyone and it almost looks like I'm the teachers' favorite student ... o.O ^ __ ^

There would be our math and class teacher. When I got down from high school, I HATED him !! He was just shit ..-.- Has clouded around ect ...
Now, in 10th grade, he's my favorite teacher. He has changed for the better .. Just great the guy .. ^^ And now that we are about to graduate, he doesn’t care if we don’t feel like math anymore. He lets us go out and play football or something like that ... ^ __ ^ So it's really great
He stands up for us like no other teacher has ever done for his class: flower:

Then there would be my German teacher ... o.O.
Name: Mrs. Ingwers-Nissen ...
Nickname: TERROR-INGE!
That is the most willing TIER among the teachers ...-.- ONLY work, work, work .. Even now, when we actually don't have to do anything anymore: work, work, work ... and homework up to is no longer possible .. . XD
But well, I can stand her because I get along well with her and actually am not bad at German

Then our ITG teacher ...That isn type ..
You can ask him anything and then he'll stop teaching and start talking about his pencil collection or his wheelbarrow, for example.Just wonderful ...But he's so nice ..

But there is also one who is, in short, a real ass ...
He pulls everyone into the shit, pulls everyone he doesn't like into the oral and lets write tests and work that are actually no longer necessary .. And there are a few other things that he sometimes likes to do and that make him a real ass ...
However, I get along with him relatively well .. ^^

On the whole, our teachers are all very nice ...

Kind regards