Which city has the most shopping malls

retail tradeThese are the largest German shopping malls

In shopping centers it becomes particularly clear how much retail has changed. The operators have found that it is no longer enough to offer a collection of shops. Customers want to feel comfortable in the shopping malls, be able to linger and find the right mix for them, him and their children.

With increasing professionalism, however, there was often a certain degree of arbitrariness. Often it is always the same shops that can be found in large shopping centers. It is not uncommon for the expected rush of visitors, especially in large cities, to fail because customers can find the offer elsewhere - if they have not been shopping mainly online for a long time.

Many shopping center operators have long ceased to focus solely on retail. Gastronomy is often given an entire floor, and doctors and fitness studios also find a home in the large facilities and help to attract new customers. In almost every second shopping center (46 percent) there are now offices, as the EHI Retail Institute and the German Council of Shopping Centers found in a study.

According to the research and consulting institute EHI, there were 483 shopping centers nationwide in June 2019. These are the ten largest:

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10 Nova Eventis

According to EHI, the Nova Eventis in Leuna has 76,000 square meters of rental space. This puts the complex on the A9 between Leipzig and Halle in tenth place among the largest shopping centers in Germany. In the rental area, the premises for retail, catering and service providers have been combined.

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9 Boulevard Berlin

In Berlin, the competition among shopping centers is particularly fierce. There are regular new openings to celebrate, most recently, for example, the East Side Mall at Warschauer Straße S-Bahn station. Three shopping centers in the capital are among the ten largest in the country. It all starts at ninth place on Boulevard Berlin with a rental area of ​​80,000 square meters. The shopping center in the Steglitz district opened in 2012.

8 Mall of Berlin

The LP12 Mall of Berlin was perhaps the most prestigious property of its kind in the past. The shopping center is located between the Bundesrat and Potsdamer Platz. It opened in 2014. Problems with fire protection, allegations of wage fraud during construction work and complaints about poor sales overshadowed the start. According to EHI, the Mall of Berlin ranks eighth among the largest shopping centers in Germany with a rental area of ​​85,000 square meters.

7 Gropius Passages

The Berlin trio is in seventh place. The Gropius Passagen in the Neukölln district defends its status as the largest shopping center in the capital with sales and usable space of 85,500 square meters just before the Mall of Berlin. The center was released in sections and has been fully open since 1999. The photo shows the EKZ in 2007.

6 north-west center

The north-west center in Frankfurt am Main occupies sixth place in the ranking. The rental area adds up to 90,500 square meters. The EKZ was opened in 1968 and redesigned or expanded about every 20 years. This is what it looked like there in 2006.

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5 Main-Taunus-Zentrum

This shopping center giant is also located in Hesse. The Main-Taunus-Zentrum in Sulzbach west of Frankfurt am Main comes in fifth with a rental area of ​​91,000 square meters. It opened on May 2, 1964 (photo). This means that the complex on the A66 is not only the oldest representative on this list. According to the operator, the Main-Taunus-Zentrum was Germany's first shopping center and the first “open-air” shopping center in Europe.