Managers are lazy

German top managers are familiar with the services of the local education system
highly dissatisfied. That is the result of a survey that the
Personnel consultancy Egon Zehnder for manager magazin (date of publication: 23.
February 2007) with executives in Germany, in France,
UK and US has performed.

None of the other nationalities surveyed sees what is local in each case
Education system as critical as the Germans: only 17 percent of Germans
Respondents said they were comfortable with the performance of schools and colleges
overall satisfied. For the French respondents, this value was 77
Percent, for the Americans at 40 percent, for the British at 25 percent.
Logically, only a minority of top managers would like to work for them
their own children an apprenticeship in Germany: only 40 percent prefer that
Attended a German school, only 17 percent of a local university for
their offspring. From the point of view of all those surveyed, there are the most attractive universities
Nationalities still in the USA: Whether the Americans themselves (73 percent),
whether French (69 percent) or Germans (55 percent) they all want theirs
Seeing kids going to a US university. Only the British keep theirs
own universities for approximately equal (32 to 39 percent).

The German executives see the greatest need for reform in the
Schools: 80 percent criticize the teachers' motivation, 53 percent theirs
Qualification; the teaching content and the structure of the school system are managed by
55 percent each classified as in need of reform.

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