What is the purpose of a resume

curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae (CV); lists central individual data on a person. The curriculum vitae provides information about the qualifications and educational levels acquired, as well as previous work and social experience. The CV as part of an application document enables the personnel / HR department of a company to get a first impression of the suitability of the applicant in relation to an advertised position / position. The most frequently used form is that of the tabular curriculum vitae. Here, the stations and knowledge of the applicant are compiled in tabular form as blocks according to time criteria. The following categories are often used: personal data, professional career, school education, basic military service / voluntary social year, professional training, studies, internships, further education, other / additional qualifications and knowledge. The form of the résumé varies depending on the country. In Germany, the CV is usually structured achronologically. Academic and professional positions are listed in reverse order, so the current activity is at the top. In addition, the quality of the photo in a résumé is still important in German-speaking countries. The CV is now mostly digitally written, only in exceptional cases by hand if the addressee expressly requests. In the case of online applications, the CV must either be transferred to a form provided on the company's website or sent to the addressee as a separate document by email.