What does France export

Germany and France are important economic partners

According to the German Federal Statistical Office (DESTATIS), trade between Germany and France totaled 169 billion euros in 2017 (+ 1.6% compared to the previous year). Germany remains France's most important trading partner worldwide, France is Germany's second most important trading partner in Europe and number four worldwide after China, the Netherlands and the USA.

In 2017, Germany exported goods worth 105 billion euros to France (+ 4.1%). Imports from France amounted to 65 billion euros (-2.3%).

In 2017, Germany increased its trade surplus with France by 15.8% to 41 billion euros.


In 2017, Germany was the second largest direct investor in France with 208 projects, after the USA (230 projects), and ahead of Italy (96 projects). According to Business France, German companies created 5,789 jobs in France, 22% more than in the previous year. In general, German investments increased by 9% compared to 2016.

Business France recorded 1298 investment projects in France last year (+ 16%), 33 489 jobs were created or maintained (+ 11%). Above all, investments were made again in the manufacturing sector, 44% of the jobs created were created there. Jörn Bousselmi, Managing Director of the AHK France, emphasizes: "France is benefiting from a very positive image change due to the reform efforts of the new government and the emerging economic upswing: France's GDP grew by 2% last year."

German investments represented 16% of the foreign investment projects in France. Of the 208 investment projects, 27% are industrial production sites. The trading sector accounts for 17% of total German investments, 12% for the automotive sector and 11% for mechanical engineering. These three economic sectors account for 60% of the jobs created.

German investments in 2017 were concentrated in the Grand Est (23%) and Ile-de-France (23%) regions. Not only are large companies investing in France, but also medium-sized companies: The family business MSG Krandienst opened a branch in Alsace for heavy goods transport. The logistics companies Arvato and Josef Hennings set up various logistics centers in the Paris region. Sartorius, a pharmaceutical and laboratory supplier, invested in a research and development center in southern France.

The German-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Business France estimate the German presence in France at around 4,500 German companies with over 310,000 employees. The Banque de France is assuming a German capital stock of 60.5 billion euros.