Sniffing gas causes permanent brain damage

17. Transport problems and the Lechling as such - Jon Helgi

17.Transportation problemsandtheLechlingassuch

The Umpel

On the Became a peninsula thebecause hardworking, especiallythee were rotten floorboards

on the To replace porch. They insidiously rotten from the bottom up

and looked completely unsuspicious to the last, at least superficially,

all the greater then the A shock when a ribidib bangs a leg in a loud bang

Ground disappeared. Above all, it caused difficulties the Material transport to

Peninsula. The sea route with our holey boat '' Glorius '' was very grueling for

the Ruthehe and exhaustive for the much-needed creator who only owns the vehicle

could keep afloat in continuous use to the goal. The overland route led eitherthe

on foot through treacherous marshland or similarthe with a vehicle on a long detour

via an adventurous slope the old bunting along. This was undoubtedly the

Path of our choice, but a vehicle was missing with which one would have urgently needed

Being able to transport material such as a piano. So it became the

The decision was made to use a vehicle that was as spacious as possible for passenger and Freight transporttheung

to acquire. After quite a bit and Here also a wandmore beautiful white

Alvis two-seater was under discussion (leithe not roadworthy) - we decided on

a product the Ford company with the promising nickname '' Transit ''. From inexplicable

Reasons, as always, christened the Ford `` Umpel ''. This is simply a

Proper name and contains no allusion - not even in Gru-fu-Pamm. We

caught Umpel in their hearts at the first sight because he was so whole and not at all

corresponded to what we had imagined. Us was as we would have from misguided

Pity acquired the most impossible mutt from an animal sanctuary. Giant typewriter keys

gave the flanks of his box-shaped body an unmistakable,

widely recognizable appearance. All try the keys in Ribidibian

Reinterpreting senses failed aso we agreed them as Expression of Umpels

to understand their own personality. Marked by life how he came to us

92 2

was, it should stay with us. Only in Umpel's interior were not modifications

to bypass. There were just two seats there, that of the driver and those of the

Passenger between them the Motor squashed. Especiallythee on trips to the peninsula

the passengers rolled around indefinitely in the hold. There were two solutions

at; lining the hold with foam mattresses like a rubber cell

Othe the assembly of benches in the manner of a bus. For the former

The solution was the given windowless design of the Latheaumes as well as the enormous

transport high numbers at the same timetheless passengers, for the latter solution spoke in rather

doubtful human dignity. Ultimately decided the Coincidence by going on

a junkyard wanddiscovered beautiful bright red bus seats and thank you

low metal content very cheaply. Forgotten in the buying frenzy

we, however, to take our measure, rather stuffed as many benches into the changing room as

just stayed inside. Only at home we found out that Umpel was not the width

of a bus had the benches aso not in the provided arrangement with central aisle

could be mounted. We gave up aso on suchlei waste of space

and alternately screwed the benches tightly to the floor. A very economical one

Seat arrangement that is only and Get out a littletheis lich.

Ascent of the Dolomites

With one that has been converted into a windowless compact omnibus in this way

Umpel we immediately took a test drive to South Tyrol. The choice of the travel destination

turned out in hindsight as a little thoughtless. The grandiose beauty the Dolomite landscape

Strictly speaking, it was only visible to the passenger. The driver was

too busy doing the hopelessly overloaded Umpel the winding mountain road

to keep, the rest the Crew sat in the dark. Occasional stops around the

To enjoy the view, let go the economical seat arrangement no lasting

Joy arise. To make matters worse, we had to state that the Travel date

The choice could hardly have been more unfortunate, as we were all over South Tyrol

Separate detonation squads (so-called bumpers) busy with it


Blow up high voltage pylons and also in the whole of South Tyrol policeand

Military commandos busy chasing the fuckers. In this highly explosive

Situation, it was clear to us, could be the appearance of a mysteriously camouflaged Ribidibian

Troop for unpredictable tactical strategic entanglements and irritating

Worry about misinterpretations. We worked hard aso greatest inconspicuousness; left

- much to the annoyance the people sitting in the back - the car as rarely as possible and went

outdoors as soon as a vehicle approached, quickly take cover, by no means

To arouse suspicion.

As for Umpel, the test drive turned out to be as complete success - with the participants

it made a lasting impression and the insight that you can only do Umpel in

Should use emergencies for passenger transport - probably liked this emergency

no matter how frequent it is. For now we had to like the benches anywaythe

remove so that Umpel could fulfill its most important task, namely transport

of building material and Exhibition objects to the museum the Bunting


It was yet to turn out that it wasn't the capacity for it

was decisive, sonthen the cross-country mobility. But that was Umpel

not blessed in excess, on the contrary. The building activity at the museum benefited

nonetheless, from our efforts to move through thick reeds and Willow scrub,

through swamp mud and Trench-deep driveways to the top the

Torment peninsula. Sometimes with boards in my stomach, sometimes with workers. The work

went to us according to the best Marxist sizeandsentences of the Hand: whoever felt like hammering,

who did not go swimming, etc.the fishing. We actually only had two worries

Toilet facility and (as always) the Lechlinge, in this case between the two

there was a connection. The toilet, a patio hidden in the reeds above

shallow water, so completely matched and no regulation at all - and strictly speaking

not even our ideas. Nobody really wanted to remove them, moreover

would have done this all too easily as Kneel down Lechlingimportant can be interpreted.

It was aso decided to just stand the stinky stool and to let rot -

then just unused. The LechlingHowever, the danger of s was not yet averted.

The entire system on the Peninsula, whether a coffee house or similarthe Museum, posed a downright

offensive challengethefor all true believers Lechlinge. Apparently

senseless goings-on the Ribidibs on historical ground completely promised them and at all

nothing good. The attack theLechlingHowever, e was not to be expected so quickly, because

Before going into battle, they always cultivate in a cumbersome way and just Lechlingen

Compose understandable ritual rules and to enact them that

Prove right, even force you to attack. The Lechlinge speak in this case

always from '' intervening ''.

Since her offended emigrationthethey think about the Lech Lechlinge for revenge and

on the recapture of the Ammersee, yes they feel and gesture as its lawful

Men's. You write rule after rule to underpin this claim,

and hypocritically settle in the midst of innocent ribidibs. In particularthee have

it the Lechlinge targeting the local building authority, because from there, according to their calculation,

could they force the ribidibs typical Lechlingto build houses (all

equal). At some point the ribidibs would no longer feel good and disappear,

the LechlingBut e could move into their dream homes. This strategy

has long been seen through by the ribidibs, but they only defend themselves half-heartedly because they

too much attheen things are busy. In the course of the Decades and Centuryanderte

The situation has become considerably more complicated by not only Lechlinge

mixed with the ribidibs at Ammersee, sonthen also moved ribidibs to the Lech,

94 2

the the Lechlinge had dammed up too many small Ammerseen lakes. That's how you are today

by no means agreed whether in Diessen the ribidibs etc.the in Landsberg the Lechlinge predominate.

Alone theLechlings demon is difficult to banish and nests everywhere there

a and thrives where regulations are concerned, especiallythee about prohibitions. '' Ban goes

before bid '' is an iron Grandsentence Lechlinggreat ethics. This is about the ban

To step onto the ice surface before the command to save a drowning person. The ribidibs have

already in distant times on this Lechlingsmacke set and invent since then

continuously something new that is not yet forbidden to the Lechlinge too laborious

To initiate the formulation of new regulations. One of those inventions were

the forbidden bans, which are then promptly adopted by the Lechlingen were banned.

The only thing, they resounded, that is definitely allowed is prohibition - but it is

not everyone and only in compliance with all regulations and Observance of all prohibitions.

The arguments about who is allowed to forbid what, etc.the not, im Lechlingcouncil

to riots, fights, mental derangement and rows of sick notes.

To this day, say some Ribidibian observers theLechlinghave a scene

she does not fully recover from this prank.

Lurking Lechlinge in typical disguise

Tend at all Lechlinge to trip yourself up, the most famous example

this is the road layout. Lechlinge hate winding roads from the bottom up

Hearts - evil tongues think this is because they have so much trouble with theirs

Opinion to changethen and to deviate from the straight path. Anyway, they close

always on by yourselfthee, and in particularthee on the ribidibs. To face this

to protect them they laid the road between the Ammersee and the Lech in so many

Bends as they could without the working day only with trips from and To the building site

to spend. The ribidibs watched it calmly because, on the one hand, they wanted to

not at all to Landsberg, totheThey love curves as much as they love straights. The

Lechlinge, however, are constantly being advised of the road built by them, for they are


mostly in a hurry - eitherthe in the attack or similarthe on the Escape - othe they drive

therefore too quickly because there is no ban on itthet.

Typical characteristic of a Lechlingt is his thorough lack of humor. humor

is deeply suspicious to him, humor is inappropriate because it is not in accordance with regulations. A

Commission dealt with for many years the Elaboration of regulations for

Jokes. A well-behaved one Lechling should only laugh at regular jokes -

even more (and more regulation) depending on regulation the Joke was. Some

Committee membersthe are supposedly still under medical treatment today

because of unconventional fits of laughing when reading regulations. But just this

applies under Lechlingen as the greatest sin withe holy seriousness; laughing about

Regulations - a repulsive outrage, a sacrilege, a typical Ribidibian one


obviously disguised Lechlinge

Least fun - less as none at all - they understand Lechlinge when measuring,

in particularthee when it comes to measuring whether something the Regulation.

Nice and well, as is generally known, something is to them as much as it is

the Complies with regulation. Many good, beautiful things are therefore as many as possible for them

same things. As the Lechlinge tried this scoring staff also on the regulations

to expand themselves, they plunged their regulation culture into a deep crisis,

because so they concluded razor-sharp, that would mean that all regulations

should be the same, be identical aso. The attempt with a general rule `` everything is

banned '' failed because there was then nothing to ban. It was agreed

that all the rules are beautiful and are good precisely because they are rules. The more

asOh, all the better, no matter what you prescribe.

The legal equality was acceptable, if not with the regulations

itself, but excellent in the realize the visible world. You went up high

width and Type of cut of all hedges, trees and Bushes dictate the shape the

Fences, the Garden doors, the Unify garden gnomes. The most grateful field of activity

Of course, the equalizers found it in devising regulations for building

of houses and here they could also as they please and Measure mood and measure

and againas measure.

96 2

'' The appetite comes with (m) eating, '' they say Lechlinge and want with it their conviction

kanddo that it's strict observance the Is the rule that matters

It is the last millimeters that are of the highest quality and Beauty decided. Therefore

also their belief that small deviations are worse as size and far harder

and should be punished more consistently. "You have to defend yourself against the beginnings"

you, and Plus, small mistakes are easier to avoid from happening aso just off

Disregard for regulations.

It is said to be the invention of the folding rule among the Ribidibian reports Lechlingen

have caused a kind of mass hysteria. They put folding rules by the thousands

here and they wore day and Night in her robe. (Preferred in the Buttocks

- a tradition the today, not only on the Lech is widespread.) In overflowthe

They enthusiastically decided to erect a monument to the folding rule and

immediately set about building a huge, tower-high folding rule theas symbol

their compliance to the rules, and that means, especially as far as the Ammersee, visible

should rise to the sky.

The megalomaniac project had huge problems from the start,

in particularthee technical way of fighting, especially since the builders in their unimaginative

Precision mania insisted on making the tower foldable, like a real,

that is, a rule according to regulations. The end for the whole company

came as a surprise as it was final: someone - the Suspicion was raised

on a ribidib - made the startling discovery that the Giant folding rule simple

was too long aso not in accordance with regulations. The tower stump with the non-working one

first joint was hastily, ashamed and completely likethe canceled.

The fanatical crowd the Ruler worshiper drew noisily, as if mad and With

Flailing rulers through town and Village. Everything, but everything already became

measured - measured. Messelig even got the idea of ​​killing the Pope

To request beatification of the rule, the should have answered this confidently

is superfluous, because there has been a holy mass for a long time, they want each other

just go there. This unexpected turn is supposed to bring the measurement madness to that

Measure according tothet that still prevails today. In memory of those memorable

Events after the demolition of the Zollstockdenkmas a parade is still held today

and a festival called the Ruethen Festival.

Behaviour theLechlingFrom a Ribidibian point of view, e is extremely ridiculous, especiallythee

their compulsive need to adjust to one another. In an effort about on the

Road to each otherthe advised to pass by Lechlinge not infrequently into a dance-like wobbling motion

out the sometimes they only move to St.anden exhausted to solve.

This for Lechlingsstädte's typical appearance is in stark contrast to the

under Lechlingen widespread aversion to dance - the them as Ribidibian bad habits

consider. If so, then they stomp in unison, snorting like farm horses

Othe do not even get up from their seats, butthen only shift in unison

their body weight of the a seat cheek on thethee. Only when it comes to it

Marching goes, then comes under Lechlingen joy of movement. 'One like the

atthee and all according to regulations '', that is a motto theLechlinghearts higher

lets beat. Many develop in an effort to achieve mutual, all-round adaptation

Lechlinge even a silver look, the with them too as The ideal of beauty applies.

Ribidibian music with its syncopations is that Lechlingan abomination as well

the typical Ribidibian tendency to improvise. (Music of this kind will as

'' Noise '' and '' Disturbance of the Peace '' outdoors and Prohibited in closed rooms.) You

also claim slandertheI’m, how persistent, the ribidibs would just because of that

resort to improvisation because they don't remember the pieces of music - and in front-


written - could play. The cause of this misinterpretation, however, is deep in the

Lechlingto look for swesen, it refers to an fandamental difference between

more ribidibian and Lechlingian way of thinking: While for ribidibs '' new '' so

something like '' original '', '' never been there '' .... means to understand Lechlinge below

something like 'unchangedthet '', '' unused '' - and thus, of course, `` according to regulations ''.

A new pair of pants is for you Lechling pants that look like his old pants as

she was still new, and also the (damas) old pants as she was new and so

further. They apply this thinking consistently to purely everything, even in accordance with regulations

on themselves: after their death, they imagine, they will be renewed in the hereafter

and to catch as small, well-fed, winged infants like lifethe

from the beginning according to the instructions. If only, of course as where they come to heaven

all those who have lived according to the regulations come together in uniform clothing. Attheif necessary

do you have to as dark-skinned horned infants with fleecethemouse wings in the

Hell haunted, where it probably goes like the ribidibs, all of them

the Sick original sin of one's own opinion - for one Lechlingthe safest way

in the vertheben, worse asthe Lack of seriousness.

Surprising statements everthe Art, in particularthee but those meant to be funny

are apply to Lechlingen as outrageous to indecent. You stick to the exchange

ritualized idioms, with preference such that mean nothing. Thereby

you are also in longer conversations and speeches and Lectures safe from surprises

of all kinds. In public speech it is important to quote regulations and laws and Provisions

as especiallythes decent and impressive.

Of the primeval joys of singing, dancing and drinking, only drinking is enjoyed

at Lechlings of a certain appreciation, but only in an attack-like manner

as common drinking. The occasional joy that arises is explained

deal with the fact that with increasing alcohol level and dwindlethe Clarity one in increasing

Measures everything does not matter, that is, becomes indifferent and the world to the

Lechlingthe ideal state of desolate monotony approaches. She comes over in ecstasy

the famous, notorious Lech-mich feeling, allegedly giving them everything (a and same,

sausage (except for the ribidibs, it can be assumed).

The ribidibs are something of an inescapable, bodily nightmare for everyone

Lechling. Unsettling, but also fascinating, annoying but also entertaining - like

a scary story. The news of our activities the Ammer peninsula

had to go under Lechlinglike a bomb, at least we were

convinced. We liked it so carefully and go undercover; the chance of her

Avoiding attention was zero. In addition, we weren't planning a `` secret museum ''

sonthen one the '' Open to the public the Care of Ribidibian

Culture''. Dance singingand-Drink culture in the first place, of course, why us

the Heritage the Donkeys andthe The spirit of the place. Atthee cultural events

however, concerts, congresses, conferences, councils .... should therefore

not neglected, especially not those performances of plays that im

Senses the '' Theatrical Reenactment '' for exploration the historical role the

Ribidibs play such a prominent role.

98 2

18. Recast the Battle in the Teutoburg Forest

The reciter

Of Lechlingen undisturbed succeeded before the onset of winter and of the new

School year a satisfythe Graduation the Renovation work on the Peninsula.

terrace and Bridge were likethe almost safe to walk on, the Cleared forecourt, the

Paved the way and the house itself furnished usable for Ribidibian purposes. The

Moss cow became likethe expertly on Grand set; the Winter could come.

Winter is in the Ribidibian Kalenthe especially the season of New Year's

Solid (and of the famous Romadur race on Andechser Berg, including the

Speech will be). The coming New Year's Eve, everyone was of one opinion about it,

(Which happens very rarely with ribidibs, since everthe have a very distinctive own

Opinion) should be in the new domicile the Peninsula take place at last

historical place where the donkeys once brought joy to mankind.

The drama with which we are should also be worthy of the extraordinary occasion

intended to continue our theatrical reenactment at this historic location.

The choice fell on Armin the Cheruscan and the battle in the Teuteburger


There were two main reasons for choosing this topic

were. For one thing, most of what we learn about this battle sounded like something

couldn't be quite believable to our ears - inconsistencies yet and another,

the as clear indication of the work of a ribidib could be interpreted.

To thetheWe found a sack full of huge ones in the attic of my home


Hungarian water buffalo horns found in the domestic tin foundry to drinking horns

should be refined.

Devoted historical digging and Brooding forthesome by the end of the year

surprising insight emerges, so that we start at the beginning the Christmas holidays the, off

our point of view, actual occurrence the Rough outline of the battle in the Teuteburg Forest

could reconstruct. In particulartheWe were also able to convincingly explain why

the embarrassing truth about this historical event never to Rome, let alone

because it was in the history books. Pretty much anything about this battle too

was said, was eitherthe adjusted othe discreet, even the little, that nevertheless

was handed down verbatim, such as Tiberius's urgent question where

for his three legions remained has been thoroughly misunderstood, so as

he was concerned with the whereabouts of about twelve thousand corpses. Out the formulation

at second glance it becomes clear that the legions are at a distance

were looking for and wethe found were found back by themselves. It works asO

not about twelve thousand dead, butthen by twelve thousand missing persons.

The Cherusci

Once the historical truth has been adjusted as far as possible, they will emerge

further questions as if by themselves: Why were the brave, battle-hardened fighters

of the Roman Empire so Has towered overhead? Something unimaginably terrible

must you withebe driving, something extremely dreadful must be in all of them

have stolen their courage from years of military service. The Cherusci were probably

Hardly, as we already knew each other from many a minor brawl. It was like this

is clear to us today, Herzeloyde. In order to understand this, however, important backgroundandinformation

researchthelich: the bravery and Combat strength the Cherusker is in

first and foremost a Roman fairy tale. In truth the Cheruscans were a peace-loving one,

festive people with pronounced Ribidibian features. Armin, their leader,

100 2

drove it along the Good-naturedness a bit too far and let himself withe Willing

and to persuade better knowledge to a marriage of convenience, which is ultimately the cause of

whole mess in the Teuteburg Forest. His wedded heart loyalty was

the daughter of a Grand Duke of Lapland, theto get them to the man, one

offered a horrific dowry. This also appeared to be urgently neededthelich, because Herzeloyde

was not particularly specialthes engaging being. Roman authors are supposed to

they from this Grande didn't even mention them, even though they were for the course of the battle

of decidethe Meaning was. The one big battle like us

now there was none, many little skirmishes preceded them, always the same,

took a highly annoying course for the Romans: the Cherusci provoked them

Romans through all sorts of mischief, the Romans put theirs under great administrative effort

Legions on the move, attacked and reached into the void, because the Cherusci had

withdrew into the swamps, where they used their short swords for the Roman soldiers

Sitting out of reach in the trees.

The Romans were pondering aso on a ruse to get the Cherusci into a proper battle

Curls and fell on the unspeakably stupid ruse of kidnapping Herzeloyde. The

Surprisingly, the project succeeded without any complications. The Cherusci slept

firmly in their tents and Herzeloyde was willingly, if not to say happily, excited

carried away on strong soldier hands. As one in the course of the following

Day found the loss in the Cheruscan camp and Armin delivered the news

along with a letter the Romans, in that they refuse heart loyalty to somebody of their own free willas

howthe to let go, Armin was out of his mind - with joy.

The public

During the following months the Romans Day and night on an orderly

attack the Cheruscans wait, Herzeloyde indulges in Roman luxury and inflamed

in love for their kidnapper Varus. But this one, as slowly his lapse

dawn tries a new ruse; he has Herzeloyde kidnapped again, this time


of hired Cheruscans. Herzeloyde is likethe once flattered and leads

to show appreciation the Faithful new customs among the Cheruscans - especially decadent Roman.

She annoys the Cherusci with weekly ablutions and haircuts and

Twisting the lock. It spreads all kinds of fragrances in the camp and puts up statues of

a beardless stunt named Apollo where once Thor used his hammer against him

Sky swung. Displeasure arose among the Cheruscans, voices were loud

Retaliation fortheten for this shameful nuisance.

The Roman List finally bore fruit: tormented and tormented by Herzeloyde's cultural program

the Cheruscans overcame their aversion to violence by all

Art - in particularthee roman - and prepared for battle. That is how the famous one came about

Battle in a nearby wood - and it did not startthes as the many

Slaughter had gone before: the Romans stamped forward at a march

well-ordered in all sorts of front lines and Lines of battle, columns and Cohorts. The

Cherusci stuck their heads together in small groups scattered across the landscape

and discussed fiercely whether the whole thing made sense at all.

This process of forming an opinion lasted undiminishedthet until it's too late anyway

was and just the expeditious withdrawal as Discussion groupandlocation remained, you can rely on it

then could quickly come to an agreement. This time, however, it led the Escape route - like the Romans did

called - on the Tent castle the Cheruskers passing into the saving swamps.

Herzeloyde, who had followed the action from the window, saw it as the heroic

Try her adored Varus to get her out of her clutches the Cheruscan bully

to free. Hardly were the brave Cheruscan warriors with their humorless ones

Chasing after the tent in the direction of the swamp, nothing in this world could do it

more to tame Herzeloyden's urge to embrace her liberators. Cheering

and gasping with excitement, she fell, her lips pursed in a kiss, the Pack afterwards.

A terrible shock went to the Romansthe, they looked from

rolled up at the back and gripped by Herzeloyden's sinewy arms. panic

seized them, feverish build-up of heat under their helmets left them mentally numb and aimless

run as far as their feet could carry, especially towards the swamp where they got lost and until

their end of life with moor bathing amused othe anything else, at least for military service


Sleeping Cherusci (Armin left)

The theatrical reenactment the Battle in the Teuteburger Wald turned out to be the case

Ribidibs as complete success - in the end it was clear to everyone that not only Armin, sonthen

all of the Cheruscans must have been ribidibs. The festive performance

102 2

of the piece in the New Year's Eve could as Milestone in Ribidibian cultural history

apply, if not in a blind effort to be faithful to historical facts the Appearance

the Jazzfee would have been forgotten. This protocol faux pas still existed

some sizeandsentence debates result; we were maybe even from LechlingThinking sick

thereby making rules for ourselves? Was a rule to be followed

himself doesn't ultimately dictate something like his own opinion? Should

then it would be better not to follow your own opinion - to avoid Lechling's obligations

to expire?

The discussion fizzled out - better said in the snow, because it said howthe once

the annual Romadur ski race on Andechser Berg is ahead. This one from Ribidibs

carried out and A major sporting event is not only the highest

Requesttheungen to the physical, sonthen also the state of mind the Attendees

and can become such an exceptional position in the boast general sports landscape.

To the casual observer it may appear as if it were a very ordinary one

Ski race. Equipment the Participants, however, are not required to

they just have to have skis on their feet and Have ski poles on your hands and

the race one after the otherthe committed at a specified launch site. Everything else is

free to them.

The ultimate goal of every participant is a prize, in particularthee the first prize

to win. This traditionally consists of three liters of strong beer, three pieces of Romadur,

three liver sausages and three Bismarck herrings. The second price only includes each

two, the third one serving thesame selection.

The main difference to popular ski races is the Romadur race the,

that the task of the skier is not fixed, he is aso in his racing style

Development by no regulationsthet. He can drive as he wants

and wherever he wants, he is free in the great outdoors and is subject to a free evaluation system.

After each run the points achieved will be announced exactly, see above

that a runner can improve from run to run. Count the number roughly and formal

execution the If he falls, he will - if he has seen through this, look around as much as possible

lots and Trying to make spectacular falls, it's about driving as slowly as possible, like that

he will perhaps ask for the price after him in the evening the Victory celebration on the mountain

to bring over ..... othe even if him the sporting ambition drives you to the next

Remain on the slope for the day.


School book presentation the Battle in the Teutoburg Forest

104 2

19. The monkey theater

Carnival-like jungle dweller

The winter vacation passed faster this time as they had ever passed before and

we already suspected why: we were always busy: the jazz cellar was in

full operation, the island museum had to be prepared for celebrations, the band

rehearsed, plays were prepared and Discussions were endless anyway

inevitable. This year we also decided to have one in the basement

To organize a carnival party like none was ever known. A

It should be jungle festival, we wanted to create a jungle so dense that the

Basement no more assuch what would be recognizable would be, even more, a jungle by day

and at night; in sunlight and Moonlight. For the latter, we purchased UV

Lamps in great numbers and lots of luminous paint with the we literally the

wanted to paint the whole jungle. Palm fronds should cover themselves like a green roof


Wanted to paint the jungle. Palm fronds should cover them like a green roof

Dancers conclude that lianas should have all sorts of flowers and Foliage obscure the walls

and Separate secluded niches, in which you can withdraw from the hustle and bustle


The highlight of the jungle scenario with kraal, exotic animals and motorized birds

of all kinds was undisputed King Kong: a gorilla of immense proportions.

Standing upright over four meters high with the Stature of a sumo wrestler,

should he from the Hanging basement ceiling and on each of his massive thighs

provide a comfortable seat for at least two women.

Typical jungle bird (capable of flying)

It so happened that my aunt Anny, a sculptor, had her own studio

and was quite open to our sculptural ambitions.

Of course we only spoke of a lifelike animal sculpture and not from one

oversized gorilla. We immediately got to work and recognized

immediately a central problem; the material problem: it should be light the Be fabric, stable,

cheap and easy to obtain, from which we wanted to create the monkey. At this

At a crucial point in the project we made a fatal mistake; we decided,

since nothing to ustheit occurred to me what even approximated these requirementstheungen

corresponded to forming the monkey out of newspaper. A sturdy wooden frame gave the

rough outlines, around which we began layer by layer of the newspapers

to wrap, to crumple and to paste. We were so lost in our sticky

Drift that the creeping weight gain of our protégé is too much for us

remained hidden for a long time. Finally, the looming weight problem was also

with the best will no more the World to discuss. It took two

strong menthe in order to lift the monster so far that its back

106 2

part could be pasted. All waiting and Let it dry didn't help, asO

we decided what had to be decided, namely to continue working undeterred and on

to hope for a brilliant inspiration. We jacked up the giant bimbo so that

he became accessible from all sides and put the question of weight on the back burner somewhere

far beyond our consciousness. Not even bad news like this

that itself the Beginning to lower the studio floor could still hold us back.

Aunt Anny only glanced once into her studio, rolled her eyes and knew

Notice: Aha, Mardi Gras. The word `` carnival '' almost excuses in Bavaria

everything people as Mischief comes to mind. In doing so, however, there is one

strange twist the Perspective, theart namely that something is all the more understandable

the more incomprehensible it is. The absolutely crazy becomes to the highest degree the Normality.

The heavy monster that almost filled her studio could

once as Mardi Gras prop recognized my aunt no further scare than everthe

knows, all carnival spit has an annual end on Ash Wednesday.

Carnival visitors to the jungle

In the carefree glue frenzy, King Kong opened up like a steaming noodle. Exactly

taken our work was not so easy asthe to recognize the legendary giant monkey,

much more likely to have it as the laid out mummy of an extremely overcrowded child-bearing woman

Be able to interpret the pharaoh. But that would mean we would have the green line

between art and Carnival unfairly exceeded. Art has in Mardi Gras

nothing to look for aso we hurried the monkey out the Fetch art corner by

we gave him a shaggy coat of hair and colored him dark from head to toe.

The sticking the Shaggy hair turned everything onthee as enjoyable. The hair

namely, they seemed to stick better everywhere as on the monkey body. We ourselves were on

Only slightly less hairy at the end as our creature, one could do the same thing from

Aunt Anny's studio and various wooden saints waiting to be repaired


say: A truly hair-raising onethe Spank, the even with carnival not to be excused

was. It seemed to us the Time to clear the field and King-Kong to his

Transfer to destination. The way outside led through the window, which led to it

no way around - and this window was two stories above the Earth.

No problem, it seemed, as long as the monkey's ride went down and not after

above. Far from it: there was a problem - and what one. Nobody had at all the

lively sticky thought to the monkey's swelling circumference to the window opening

related. A blatant disproportion would quickly have been noticed.

Would the Monkey in half its size, just made, no longer through the window

went. It stayed with us, as hard as we thought and turn the gorilla in your mind

and want to turn, only the choice of dismantling ... the monkey or similarthe of the window.

We decided in favor of the window, if only because the studio already like

looked like a ruin. We postponed the whole action to Sunday morning

my aunt for sure in the Church stayed. About a dozen ribidibs were there

Job and pried the large studio window out of its anchoring, secured King-

Kong about pulleys on ceiling beams and carried him, groaning the Huge load

to the window. He went through the opening, but barely. First the stretched out