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Main differences: evenings, lunches and evenings and different types of meals that are eaten at different intervals. An "evening" is a main meal that is either m


Main difference: Dinner, lunch, and dinner are different types of meals that are eaten at different intervals. A “dinner” is a main meal that is eaten either at noon or in the evening. a "lunch" is a meal eaten in the middle of the day. in the evening a "dinner" is taken as a light or informal meal.

Meals and their types can appear anywhere; including the regular meals daily, usually several times a day. However, those of a special meal are only held on special occasions and ceremonies depending on the time and type of meal. These types of meals vary by habit and location and are served and eaten according to their respective times.

Often times, the names of these meals are used interchangeably. as some consider dinner their main meal; Supers are offered in the late afternoon or early evening. While others consider their lunch to be their main meal. These meals and types therefore change according to the different customs.

dinner is considered to be the main meal of the day, usually eaten at noon or in the evening. However, the term "dinner" can have several meanings, which change depending on the culture. During the historic days, the term was used to refer to the first meal of the day eaten during lunch break. Today, however, its importance is considered for reference to the evening meals, which are usually the largest meal of the day. So today only the type of meaning considered becomes the standard in English-speaking countries.

Having lunch is a meal that is often eaten during the afternoon and consists of all salads and afternoon dishes. The word "lunch" comes from "lunch" which means a small type of meal that can be eaten at any time of the day or night. Lunch is the second heaviest meal eaten after breakfast. In the famous restaurants of the world there are different types of lunch and their varieties.

dinner is a dinner; often used interchangeably with dinner. Traditionally, dinners were a separate type of meal. In fact, the term "dinner" is derived from the French supper. Meal essentially refers to a light type of meal that can be a late night snack or soup of sorts. The term is generally understood in an informal way. Dinner is often only eaten at home. They are never chosen as an option when traveling outdoors.

Therefore, the clear distinction between dinner, lunch and dinner can be classified based on their type and meal times. Dinner consists of heavy meals that include almost everything that is essential for daily eating. While lunches are more often nutritious, this consists of some high-protein and slightly lighter foods compared to dinner. Dinner is considered to be informal meals that are easy to eat and are usually preferred during dinner. These meals can be substituted for dinner. These meals and their types change depending on the location and preferences. Some countries regularly follow lunch and dinner. while some of them follow strict lunch and dinner routines and implement their eating habits accordingly.

Comparison between dinner, lunch and dinner:


Having lunch


According to Dictionary.com

  • the main meal of the day, eaten in the evening or at noon
  • a formal meal in honor of a person or occasion
  • a light lunch between breakfast and dinner; Having lunch
  • a light meal or snack
  • dinner, often the main meal of the day
  • a light dinner, especially late in the evening

What types of meals are they?

heavy meal of the day or the main meal of the day

the meal after breakfast or a slightly lighter meal compared to dinner

the lightest of all meals, often eaten as a substitute for dinner with soups and bread

Routine types

Formal routines

Formal routines

Informal routines


either in the evening or at noon

noon or afternoon


Offered and found at

Restaurants, hotels, party houses, etc.

Restaurants, hotels, party houses, etc.

usually houses

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