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Wild car chases in the latest BMW model are not part of an agent's everyday life. But even those who are not called James Bond can take up the fight against crime. took a look at the world of informers and scouts

On a mission

Imagine the following: It is shortly before ten o'clock in the morning and the sun is already beating down on the Chinese port city of Macau. You are sitting on the first floor of a small corner café. A mug of oolong tea in hand. "Oolong" means "black dragon". The man you must watch is named the same. From the window of the café you have a good view of his luxury villa. A long black car with tinted windows drives up. Four types disappear into the house entrance: dark suits, sunglasses, gelled hair. If you only knew what is being discussed now!

Always take a good look

Something like this could happen to you when you later work for the secret service. In Germany, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is responsible for international intelligence. Enlightenment means that it collects information that affects the security of the Federal Republic of Germany and its citizens. The BND takes care of other countries because two other secret services are already keeping their eyes open and prick up their ears at home. In order to get its information together, the BND makes use of various means: it has radio and television programs scoured for important reports, satellite images analyzed and parts of the e-mail traffic followed. Not to forget the so-called "HUMINT". That stands for "Human Intelligence" and means the classic espionage work with human scouts.

At home in a foreign country

The Federal Intelligence Service has eight departments that deal with different areas of responsibility. Reliable, careful people are required in "Department 1 - Operational Reconnaissance". You should be able to think in different directions spontaneously. If the political situation ever escalates threateningly anywhere on the planet, you must watch the events closely. For example, a group of insane rebels could seize power in a country that was once part of the Soviet Union. If this country also has a few long-range missiles, panic among neighboring countries is inevitable. If "Department 1" has paid attention, the BND will sound the alarm in good time so that the federal government can take action.

Puzzle fun and puzzle stress

"Department 2 - Technical Procurement" could be interesting for puzzle enthusiasts. There are groups that have a great interest in ensuring that their messages are not read by unauthorized persons. The original message is encrypted with a code. It's called cryptography: the science of obfuscating information. In order to gain insight, the BND needs specialists who can decipher these secret messages.

Mafia & Co.

Organized crime and international terrorism are the areas in which "Department 5" specializes. If a gang of criminals has a ramified structure from the boss to the lowest errand boy, then one can speak of organized crime. There are countries where gangsters have good relationships with powerful companies and influential politicians. Uncovering these connections is the task of the secret service.

Life in the shade

Famous criminal cartels are the Cosa Nostra in the United States, the Yakuza in Japan, and the Triads in China. The Chinese triad chiefs cannot complain about the lack of followers. There are several hundred active gangs with up to 40,000 members. Her offenses include drug and arms trafficking, money laundering and gambling. Every now and then a well-running restaurant is blackmailed. A lot of investigative work for our hardworking agents and their foreign colleagues!

The stuff dreams are made of

The most important business for most criminal organizations is the global drug trade. Drugs are banned in almost all countries. That's why dealers are secretly selling them. By doing this offense, they contribute to the spread of dangerous drugs. Terrorist groups such as al Qaeda also pay for their activities with drug money. Lately, a lot of opium poppies have been grown again in Afghanistan. The drugs opium, morphine and heroin can be extracted from this plant. They are smuggled to Europe or North America and brought to the people there. To prevent this, the secret service is trying to break up smugglers' rings.

Top Secret!

A trainee at the BND learns within two to three years how a secret service agent behaves on a mission and what is waiting for him at the headquarters. The Federal Intelligence Service prefers not to tell the public about the exact tasks of its employees. Would be a bit dangerous too. After all, this would also enable the villains to find out more about his working methods and prepare for their wrongdoings.

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