What is borrowed consumption in the economy

Power consumption: This is how much money TVs, PCs and the like cost a year

The TV is on all evening. At the same time, the tablet can be used to surf the Internet, and in the children's room the youngsters can play on the PC and console. Most people only take note of what makes the energy supplier happy once a year - namely when the annual electricity bill comes and additional payments are due.

It is no secret that entertainment electronics such as televisions or computers make up a large part of electricity consumption in private households. How much electricity costs they cause per year can be determined with a simple calculation. To do this, you take the specified watt consumption of each device and estimate the daily usage time.

An example: The 120 watt television runs ten hours a day. Makes 1200 watt hours or 1.2 kilowatt hours (kWh). The kWh of electricity costs around 28 cents on average. That means around 34 cents of electricity costs per day. This equates to around 125 euros a year for the television. However: "That is only a maximum value", restricts Jürgen Ripperger from the Association of Electrical Engineering (VDE) in Offenbach.

"The most important factor is the user"

The watt number only indicates how much power the device consumes at maximum load. A particularly bright picture or a lot of contrast make the television hungry for power. The PC needs less power for word processing than with a fully loaded graphics card for 3-D games.

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