Which hotels in Udaipur for unmarried couples

Traveling to India as a couple? The ideas of romantic love in India differ from place to place. If you're traveling as a couple, be prepared to be respectful of Indian culture. While married couples are warmly welcomed, unmarried couples can sometimes find it difficult, e.g. B. if you have to sleep in separate rooms.

A general tip for traveling as a couple is always to be careful of your surroundings and to assess the mood. Observing other couples in public will give you a sense of what is appropriate and what you should possibly avoid. Perhaps you can even learn a few more tricks on how you can secretly express your affection for one another without attracting much attention. But that shouldn't prevent you from embarking on a romantic trip or an adventure for two in India.

We'll give you some tips and reveal romantic destinations for your trip for two.

The ultimate romantic destination is the Taj Mahal, which represents one of the greatest love stories in the world


to book a room

While some of the smaller hotels refuse to give rooms to unmarried Indian couples, they often make an exception for foreign tourists. Especially in cities it shouldn't be a problem to find a hotel room for you. An easy way to avoid any stress is to pretend to be married, to travel with rings - no matter how cheap or from a gum machine 🙂 The different names in the passport can be explained as a cultural difference or a bureaucratic delay. If you are really married, wave your rings on your hands as well and all problems will be blown away.

In homestays, the attitude is usually more relaxed. They are often used to travelers and are aware of cultural differences in attitudes towards marriage. If you book with us, you don't have to hide anything, of course, we can even make things easier for you.

If you as a white woman want to book a room with your Indian boyfriend (boyfriend or just normal boyfriend), be prepared for the fact that you may be rejected at the reception. This can happen even in large cities like Mumbai. In such a situation, hotels tend to be more suspicious and may even want to see a marriage certificate if you pretend to be married.

Hampi can become a romantic experience at sunset and an adventure for two during the day (Credit: Q-lieb In - Flickr)


Be yourself

When traveling for two in India you should on the one hand observe the usual customs, on the other hand not forget that it is your vacation. So don't go crazy and enjoy the trip!

However, here are a few tips that can save you unpleasant looks or experiences:

  • There's nothing wrong with holding hands or resting your head on the other's shoulder. Anything else could make others around you feel uncomfortable.
  • Don't think that people want to impose their rules on you, it's just part of their culture and you should respect that.
  • Some places in India are more liberal than others when it comes to showing affection in public. So Goa is very open. On the other hand, you should be more cautious in Varanasi, as this is a very religious place.
  • The same logic applies to other places: in religious places and in rural areas you should be respectful and careful. However, if you are traveling in big cities, you can move more freely.
  • Do not be surprised: it can happen that traders only talk to the man. This is due to the patriarchal social structure in which the man regulates the finances. If this bothers you, make it clear to the dealers that you both want to be part of the conversation.

A romantic evening stroll in front of the Mumbai skyline (Credits: Maciej Dakowicz - Flickr)


Public transportation

How much you want to show your familiarity in public when traveling together is of course up to you. On trains and buses, especially when driving at night, you should be a little more careful than usual. Since there is no police surveillance here, you should avoid the good night kiss, this can save you a lot of unwanted attention. Stay in your beds and follow the old Indian tradition and behave "decently".

But the same applies here: Don't worry too much! You can hold hands or hug each other, it won't bother anyone. Because most people in India are not going to judge you too harshly anyway. They give you a bonus of trust, after all, it's not your fault that you grew up in a soulless and hedonistic culture. Good for you guys! 😉

Also keep in mind that as a tourist in India you are often forgiven for a lot and sometimes turned a blind eye if you step into a faux pas.

Be respectful on public transport

Be respectful on public transport - Keith and Tina in Rajasthan


Romantic goals

Of course, many places and sights in India are suitable for traveling as a couple, but some are particularly beautiful and suitable for couples, here we have a few for you:

If you want to be in nature, then a boat tour in the backwaters of Kerala is just the thing. A candlelit dinner together on deck and just the two of you on one boat, what could be more romantic? Also in the tea plantations in Munnar you can marvel at the beautiful view over the lush green hills together.

Are you looking for a romantic beach vacation with daytime sunbathing and candlelit dinner to the sound of the waves? India also has a lot to offer for this. The beaches of Goa and Kerala are perfect. If you are looking for lonely togetherness, then you should go to Gokarna or the Andamans, where you will experience picturesque sunsets.

On the trail of great love stories from the past, the Taj Mahal should of course not be missing, which testifies to the unforgettable love of Shah Jahan for his adored wife. The Amer Fort near Jaipur is also a romantic destination. Feel like you have been transported into a story from 1001 nights and discover the winding fort.

Do you want to sit together romantically with a glass of wine? That would be an understatement if you come to Nashik. Here you can enjoy your wine in a romantic atmosphere between vines with a view over rolling hills. And last but not least: Udaipur is considered the most romantic city in India. With its many lakes and beautiful palaces and forts, Udaipur deserves the name Venice of the East. A candlelit dinner with a view over Udaipur will change your ideas of romance forever.

Romantic dinner with a view of Udaipur


Traveling for two as a couple can be exciting and bond you even closer together. So that you can enjoy a carefree vacation, let's plan your trip and give you unforgettable moments.