Why are chicken legs called drumsticks?

Chicken thigh


Commodity chicken thighs

If the whole chicken leg is divided in the joint, the upper and lower legs are obtained separately. The thigh then consists of the thigh bone with the adhering meat, the smaller lower leg consists of the tibia and fibula and the corresponding muscle meat. Chicken legs with a back piece are less common. Boned and skinned goods are even rarer to buy.

Use in the kitchen

After shopping, it should be noted that fresh poultry meat is quite sensitive. It is particularly known as a carrier of the dreaded salmonella. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to hygiene in the kitchen, to always cool chicken legs well and to observe the best-before date. After processing chicken legs, the cutting board and knife should always be cleaned thoroughly with hot water. In addition, like other poultry meat, the legs should always be enjoyed cooked through. When it comes to preparation, chicken legs are very versatile. The drumsticks, also known as drumsticks, can be marinated or breaded and then enjoyed fried as finger food. There are numerous variations of the preparation for the whole chicken leg or the thigh. The easiest and best known is to season the legs and cook them in the oven with other ingredients.

Preparation tips for chicken legs

Marinated chicken thighs are also great for grilling. You can also make soup from whole chicken thighs. Another option is to cook the legs in the pan. If you don't want to fry the chicken drumsticks, but rather cook them in a sauce, it is advisable to remove the skin, as it will not get crispy when braised in sauce. The same applies to steaming. If you want to do a little more work, you can also skin the clubs, detach them from the bone and fill them. Skinned, released and chopped up can also be used to prepare shredded meat. It is then a little juicier, but also richer than chicken breast strips.


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