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Whether they are busy or have nothing to do: The Ménards have one mandatory appointment each week, after all, they are good French. Every Friday there is a family reunion with Henry, owner of the “Aux Ducs de Bretagne”. A rather unfortunate one, though, because his wife wants to take a break from him and the family. His two siblings don't exactly make the happiest impression either. His brother Phillipe (Wladimir Yordanoff) didn't make a good impression on television as his company's envoy, and none of the family saw it anyway. And Sister Betty (Agnès Jaoui), well over thirty and still without a husband !, doesn't feel loved enough by Henri's flimsy and crouched waiter Denis (Jean-Pierre Daroussin).

The best prerequisites for “Un air de famille” (the title of this film), for a harmonious get-together. The script was written by Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri. After the play had only run in the theater, they asked Cédric Klapisch (“Everyone is looking for their kitten”) if he would like to make a film from the material. He wanted. With superfluous flashbacks and funny mirror reflections that best bring out the mostly irritated and somehow dumb facial features of the Ménards. They are all funny about it, they discuss life's questions with stunning cunning. And even if you soon know where the journey is going (deep-seated conflicts!), Klapisch and his two scriptwriters manage to keep the story in the balance. The family a slime? (Rainald Goetz) Not exactly, in this film it is rather one of the last mysteries in this world. Unfathomable, with no alternative, a human comedy. And as it happens in the best families: Pack is doing well, Pack is getting along, here too, and the most important questions remain open as always. Gerrit Bartels

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