What does euphoria mean for you

Euphoria: Can you get excited?

Surely one or the other still remembers this feeling when he held his diploma in his hand. For many it becomes pure euphoria have been: finally done! The efforts of the past months and years have been rewarded. Now a new step begins. Whenever a hurdle has been successfully overcome, whenever we look forward to something full of anticipation, euphoria flows through the body and releases unexpected energies. Wouldn't it be great to preserve that feeling? What euphoria means and whether you can get more euphoric ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Definition: Euphoria is high spirits

The term euphoria (English: euphoria) is derived from the Greek euphoria for fertility or productivity respectively euphoros for healthy. When euphoria becomes a particularly strong feeling of elation that can occur in the short term. Those who are euphoric are in a state of greatest wellbeing, are happy, confident, satisfied with themselves and the situation and enjoy an uncommon zest for life for the duration of the euphoria.

The euphoria goes hand in hand with exuberance, fewer inhibitions, joy that can hardly be controlled and the feeling of being able to do anything. The downer: euphoria is usually only a short phase, sometimes barely more than a moment, before the euphoric feeling can subside again.

Synonyms for euphoria are, for example:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Intoxication
  • delight
  • Ecstasy
  • Ecstasy
  • Exuberance of feeling
  • Happiness
  • Exhilaration
  • High spirits
  • Cheers
  • Intoxication
  • Delirium

Euphoria is often associated with some form of frenzy, which suggests that the senses of the one who is euphoric are completely clouded. This intoxicating state redeems Happiness similar to drugs out. However, this also means that the person is not unreservedly in control of his senses.

By the way, there is also the opposite of euphoria: dysphoria. An irritable mood is typical of dysphoria. Those who are dysphoric run grumpy and in a bad mood through the area.

Causes: what can trigger euphoria?

Euphoric emotions can get through innumerable causes to be triggered. On the one hand, there are actually very positive experiences that bring about the feeling of elation. For example, a conversation with your own crush that creates an even greater infatuation, a great stress or test situation that has been successfully mastered and after which an immense burden falls off your shoulders or perhaps the promise of the absolute dream job that has been working towards for years has been.

Such positive experiences can Happiness hormonesrelease endorphins, for example, and put the body in a state of intoxication. Perhaps you have already experienced such a situation yourself, for example when you come out of an interview that went very well or when you have just passed the final exam for your high school diploma, apprenticeship or university degree and know that you made it.

However, euphoria is also associated with illnesses, for example manic illnesses, brain tumors or senile dementia can lead to euphoric outbursts of emotions. People with bipolar disorder experience a frequent alternation between euphoria and depression. Euphoria is also spoken of when patients with serious illnesses suddenly experience high spirits.

Finally, the Abuse of drugs are among the triggers of euphoria.

Euphoria while jogging: Runner’s high

Some of you may know the feeling from jogging. The so-called Runner’s high is also a state of euphoria. Joggers can experience it when the intensity of exercise decreases, for example when going downhill.

However, it is not triggered here - as has long been assumed - by happiness hormones, but by the body's own cannabinoids. The name is no coincidence: the effects of these cannabinoids are pharmacologically very similar like that of the hemp plant.

The intoxicated state is therefore not an imagination, but can be scientifically proven. Researchers around the psychiatrist and scientist Dr. Johannes Fuß from the Institute for Sexual Research and Forensic Psychiatry administered drugs in experiments with mice that blocked the endorphins that were also released.

Nevertheless, there was a runner high. The researchers were able to provide evidence in experiments that the secreted in the blood Endorphins don't cross the blood brain barrier. You cannot be the cause of the euphoria. In contrast to the cannabinoids, whose values ​​in the blood of runners also increased.

The body's own cannabinoids play a not insignificant role in humans because, among other things, they take care of Well-being and satiety. They also have a pain-relieving effect: it is no wonder that the feeling of euphoria occurs especially in long-distance runners.

At some point the muscles start to hurt, the Body reaches its limits and then the runner’s high gives the runner another real kick: The pain is suddenly gone, instead euphoria sets in and the jogger thinks he could still run infinitely.

Advantages and disadvantages of euphoria

How exactly euphoria expresses itself can be very different. The classic frenzy of joy or happy jumping around can be an expression of euphoric emotions, but it is by no means recognizable in everyone. Some people are more introverted. Where others cheering loudly Hop through the office, introverts tend to have the Mona Lisa smile.

That doesn't mean they don't feel euphoric at all, but they don't not equally recognizable to everyone out. Instead, they radiate a certain positive serenity and calmness.

The ecstatic happiness of euphoria that is visible to others is also one Question of personality. If you orient yourself on the personality model of the Big Five, it is above all people with high values ​​in terms of extraversion and openness who are euphoric and immediately noticeable.

Regardless of how the euphoria shows, it brings some positive aspects - apart from the fact that you just feel good and can burst with joy.

At work, a great advantage of euphoria is that it is the Increased performance. Anyone who is gripped by a feeling of elation at work can do more in a very short time than usual on entire working days. Another positive effect: stamina increases enormously, efforts are barely noticed and you can hardly be stopped, both physically and mentally.

Another big plus is that euphoria is one self-reinforcing process can be. If euphoric feelings arise after a success, the desire to experience the feeling of elation grows again, which can have a positive effect on motivation and work ethic.

On the other hand, there can also be disadvantages when you are full of euphoria. Exuberance can become a problem if, spurred on by a feeling of elation, you undertake too much, only to find out a short time later, when the euphoria subsides, that you have an unrealistic workload ahead of you. Some people also fall into a small hole after a euphoric phase - at least it is perceived as such when the normal state occurs again after the euphoria.

Tips on how to get more euphoric

Euphoria cannot be turned on and off like a switch. It's partly a question of personality. Still, you can take part in your inner attitude work. Much can already be achieved with positive thinking.

The following tips can help you to become more euphoric and to experience the feeling of elation more often:

  • Have fun

    Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing. On it you write down activities that make life beautiful and yours Increase quality of life. This can be meeting friends as well as painting classes or working in the garden.

  • Celebrate successes

    When you've achieved something, celebrate success. Treat yourself to something beautiful, make yourself aware of how proud you can be of your performance and that you have achieved something really impressive. Recognizing one's own skills and successes can create a strong feeling of euphoria.

  • Adjust your facial expressions

    This is also a psychological trick that has been proven to work: in the morning in front of the mirror for at least a minute, the grin lifts up Whim. A task is easier for you when you positive start the day.

  • Train your thought process

    The American self-help author Frank Bettger has with Autosuggestion worked. In this way, you can eliminate harmful, depressing beliefs and replace them with new, positive ones.

  • Do you have a thirst for knowledge

    Educate yourself, take the opportunity new knowledge to acquire. This can also mean that you take a part of your work that interests you particularly and look at and read about the latest developments and trends in your free time.

  • Be grateful

    Keep a diary and note in it what you are grateful for - for your family, your partner and friends, skills and knowledge, hobbies or goals that you have achieved. Whenever you have one Motivation boost need look at this list.

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