Why are hearing aids so small

How big are hearing aids really?

The right size for everyone

If you do discover a somewhat larger hearing aid on one ear, there are important reasons for this. Severe motor restrictions sometimes make operating a tiny hearing aid a little difficult. Often those affected then opt for a larger model that is easier to use. Hearing needs can also play a role. If you need a lot of amplification, you need a bigger battery and a bigger speaker. Perhaps the hearing aid is a bit older and out of date.

However, there is one thing you can rely on: the range of tiny, high-performance hearing aids is already very extensive and will certainly continue to grow.

Currently available sizes

  • Hearing aid size XS: These are the smallest hearing aids available. They are almost invisible and available as behind-the-ear devices as well as in-the-ear devices. XS devices use size 10 batteries.
  • Hearing aid size S: Size S hearing aids are very small and attractive. Most of the time they can hardly be seen. They offer the optimal relationship between battery life and scope of performance, and they are particularly well suited if you want to connect your smartphone or other devices wirelessly. S size hearing aids use size 312 batteries.
  • Hearing aid size M: M hearing aids are solid and easy to use. They offer enough space for various controls that are easy to use. The batteries used are size 13 and last about 14 days.
  • Hearing aid size L: Hearing aids in size L can be used when the amplification requirement is very high and large volumes are required. Class L hearing aids can also be useful for those with motor impairments. Batteries of size 675 are required.

The best comes at the end: We have put together all hearing aids in size XS for you. You can further limit the large amount in our hearing aid comparison:

How big is my ear Do the smallest hearing aids fit behind the auricle? Or do they disappear in the ear canal? You will get the answer in just 5 minutes! Let your hörPlus + expert take a quick look at your ears. He can immediately assess whether mini hearing aids are suitable for you. Get in touch with your expert now:

These are the smallest hearing aids currently freely available in Germany