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Many tie the knot in order to strengthen the feeling of togetherness or to acknowledge it publicly.

A survey by the Federal Institute for Population Research also shows that marriage is still a very popular way of life. Today the focus is on equal rights for both partners. The 400,000 marriages that were concluded nationwide in 2015, according to the Federal Statistical Office, prove that marriage is still in vogue as an institution.

17 million married couples is there currently in Germany. This number will continue to rise, because since October 2017 marriage has also been valid for everyone in the Federal Republic of Germany. Gay and lesbian couples are now also allowed to marry and adopt children together. The currently around 43,000 registered civil partnerships it is now free to apply for marital status.

For many fianc├ęs, the planning of the wedding celebration is the main focus. After all, there is hardly anything more exciting than choosing the perfect wedding dress or finding the ideal location for the big day.

But getting married also involves a number of formalities. These have little to do with romance. But they are necessary for the big day and the start of married life to be a success. You have to organize the civil wedding, obtain the necessary documents and inform important authorities about your new marital status and, if applicable, your name.

Many people only marry when they are expecting children or when they already have children. After the marriage at the latest, the question arises: How can your family best be protected? This guide will help you to keep an eye on everything that is important.

How can you best protect your family?

Formal to-dos before and after marriage

Since 2009, a church wedding has been possible in Germany without a previous civil marriage. But only the civil marriage has legal consequences in Germany.

Before and after getting married at the registry office, you have to pay attention to many formalities. Find out everything about deadlines, documents and costs for the civil wedding here. And important things to do after getting married.

> More information on formal to-dos before and after marriage

Change in insurance needs in marriage

With the new life situation, the need for insurance changes for newly married couples. Especially if they want to build a house together or are planning newcomers. Here you can find out

  • which insurances can be merged,
  • which insurance you should take out for your marriage and
  • how to financially secure yourself and your loved ones.

Marriage for all: the current legal situation

Since October 1st, 2017, gay and lesbian couples have been able to get married in Germany. Marriage for everyone replaces the previously valid registered civil partnership.

Learn about the legal changes that same-sex marriage will bring for gays and lesbians. And how you can change your status in the registered civil partnership.

> More information on marriage for everyone

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