Will we ever get autonomous cars

Autonomous vehicles lead to traffic chaos

Then it makes sense to think about mobility and to present utopias (wishful thinking!).

Let me compare my preferred mode of transport to the modes of transport. And if someone thinks further, for people with different disabilities (sensory disorders, time disorders - mostly managers and politicians, mental impairments, physical limitations, etc.) other things are certainly more meaningful and should be taken into account.

Local transport - foot, bike, tricycle (handicap + transport), autonomous micro vehicle - heating and radio not necessary, shopper is enough; preferred as a sharing offer, as it can pick up the customer at the doorstep.
Village traffic - bike, tricycle, autonomous transport vehicle, possibly self-driving.
If larger vehicles were NOT allowed there: excellent, would improve the quality of life.

City traffic - bike, tricycle, shopper; City bus, from small 8-seater to articulated bus; Tram; autonomous micro vehicles and transport vehicles

Long-distance transport (between cities, countries) - rail and a few highways for delivery vehicles; In the cities (or ielen, holiday destinations) car sharing or taxi offers
Long-distance transport (between continents) - ships, planes

Oh, now the standard cars would be completely gone, a shame for the industrial standard.
Nature could be resettled on the surfaces.
We would have to share the resource mobility via sharing,
so unfortunately almost no more individual vehicles,
but gained a lot of mobility,
Quality of life also gained,
and with sensible redistribution of resources:
Reduced traffic jams and so on ...

Hold a utopia - for societies that can share and want to live together.