What is a base register

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What has the federal government decided?

In the future, a register of basic company data is to be set up and operated at the Federal Statistical Office. For unambiguous identification, companies are given a nationwide business number when they are entered in the base register. The federal government has now created the legislative prerequisites for this.

What does this improve?

The aim is to further relieve companies of reporting obligations by avoiding multiple reports of the master data to different registers. At the same time, the regulation is intended to help improve the quality of the register data and make its administration more efficient by networking the registers.

With the regulation, the federal government is implementing an important measure from its 22-point package for easing bureaucracy. According to current planning, the base register for company master data could be operational by around 2024. The relief potential is estimated at a three-digit million amount.

Why is a base register necessary?

In Germany there are around 120 individual registers related to companies, which act largely independently of one another and usually do not exchange information. Many companies are kept in several registers - some with overlapping data and different identification numbers. This system is error-prone, time-consuming and highly bureaucratic.