Why are aphorisms evil

Aphorisms (II, 4)

(Aphorisms marked with * are crossed out in pencil in the manuscript)


The real way is over a rope that is not stretched vertically, but just above the ground. It seems more definitely to stumble than to be trodden on.


All human errors are impatience, a premature breaking off of the methodical, an apparent staking in of the apparent thing.


There are two main human sins from which all others derive: impatience and nonchalance. Because of impatience they have been driven out of paradise, because of the nonchalance they do not return. But maybe there is only one main sin: impatience. Because of impatience they have been driven out, because of impatience they are not returning. *


Many shadows of the departed are only concerned with licking the floods of the Dead River, because it comes from us and still has the salty taste of our seas. The river then resists in disgust, takes a retrograde current and washes the dead back to life. But they are happy, sing songs of thanks and stroke the indignant.


At a certain point there is no going back. This point can be reached.


The crucial moment in human development is everlasting. That is why the revolutionary intellectual movements, which declare everything earlier to be null and void, are right, because nothing has happened yet.


One of the most effective means of seduction of evil is the invitation to fight. It's like fighting with women that ends in bed. *


A stinking bitch, plentiful child-bearer, already rotting in places, but who was everything to me in my childhood, who follows me faithfully, who I cannot overcome to beat, but before whom I, even shy of her breath, gradually step backwards and which, if I do not decide otherwise, 'will push me into the already visible corner of the wall, where it will completely rot on and with me until the end - does it honor me? - the pus and worm flesh of her tongue on my hand.


A. is very puffed up, he believes he has made great progress in the good, since, evidently as an increasingly tempting object, he feels exposed to more and more temptations from directions completely unknown to him. The correct explanation, however, is that a great devil has taken his place in him and innumerable smaller ones come to serve the great.


Difference in views that one can have of an apple, for example: the view of the little boy who has to stretch his neck just to see the apple on the table top and the view of the landlord who takes the apple and hands it freely to the table companion .


The first sign of beginning knowledge is the desire to die. This life seems unbearable, another unattainable. One is no longer ashamed of wanting to die; you ask to be moved from the old cell that you hate to a new one that you will only learn to hate. A remnant of faith is involved. During the transport, the gentleman happened to come through the corridor, look at the prisoner and say: "You shouldn't lock him up again. He comes to me."


If you crossed a plane, if you had the good will to go, and yet you stepped backwards, then it would be a desperate matter; but since you are climbing a steep slope, roughly as steep as you are seen from below, the setbacks can only be caused by the nature of the ground and you do not have to despair. *


Like a path in autumn: no sooner has it been swept in than it covers itself again with the dry leaves.


A cage went looking for a bird.


I have never been to this place: breath is different, a star shines next to it more dazzling than the sun.


If it had been possible to build the Tower of Babel without climbing it, it would have been allowed.


Do not let evil make you believe that you can keep secrets from it.


Leopards break into the temple and drink empty the offering jars; this repeats itself over and over again; after all, it can be calculated in advance and it becomes part of the ceremony.


As tight as the hand holds the stone. But she holds it tight only to discard it all the more. But the path also leads into that vastness.


You are the task. Not a student far and wide.


Boundless courage runs into you from the true opponent.


To understand happiness that the ground on which you stand cannot be bigger than the two feet cover it.


How can one enjoy the world except when one flees to it?


Hiding places are innumerable, rescue is only one, but possibilities of rescue are again as many as hiding places. *

There is a goal but no way; what we call the path is hesitation.


To do the negative is still imposed on us, the positive is already given to us.


Once you have taken in evil, it no longer requires you to believe it.


The ulterior motives with which you absorb the evil are not yours, but those of the evil one.

The animal wrests the whip from the master and whips itself to become master and does not know that this is just a fantasy, created by a new knot in the lash of the master.


The good is, in a sense, bleak. *


I do not strive for self-control. Self-control means: wanting to work at an accidental point of the infinite radiations of my spiritual existence. But if I have to draw such circles around myself, then I better do it idly in mere amazement at the monstrous complex and only take home the strengthening that e contrario this sight gives.


The crows claim that a single crow could destroy the sky. That is undoubted, but it does not prove anything against the sky, because heaven just means: the impossibility of crows.


The martyrs do not underestimate the body, they have it exalted on the cross, on this they are in agreement with their opponents. *


His weariness is that of the gladiator after the fight, his work was whitewashing a corner in an official's office.


There is no having, only being, only a being that yearns for a last breath, for suffocation.


In the past I did not understand why I did not get an answer to my question, today I do not understand how I could think I could ask. But I didn't think so, I just asked.


His response to claiming that he may or may not have was just tremors and palpitations.


One was amazed at how easily he walked the path of eternity; namely, he raced it downhill.


You can't pay evil in installments - and keep trying.

It is conceivable that Alexander the Great, despite the warlike successes of his youth, despite the excellent army that he had trained, despite the forces that he felt in himself to change the world, would have remained standing at the Hellespont and never exceeded it and did not stop there Fear, not out of indecision, not out of weak will, but out of earthly gravity.


The path is infinite, there is nothing to be deducted, nothing to admit and yet everyone still adheres to their own childlike cubit. "Certainly you still have to walk this yard, you will not forget it." *


Only our concept of time allows us to call the Last Judgment that, actually it is a martial law. *


The world's disproportion, comfortingly, seems to be only numerical. "


Lower your head full of disgust and hatred on your chest.


The hunting dogs are still playing in the yard, but the game does not escape them, as much as it is already hunting through the woods.


You've harnessed yourself up for this world in a ridiculous manner.


The more horses you harness, the faster it goes - namely not tearing the block out of the foundation, which is impossible, but tearing the straps and thus the empty, happy ride.


The word "sein" means both in German: Dasein and belonging to him.


They were given the choice of becoming kings or couriers of kings. In the children's way, they all wanted to be couriers. That is why there are lots of couriers who hunt through the world and, since there are no kings, shout messages to each other even when they have become meaningless. They would like to put an end to their miserable life, but they dare not because of the oath of service.


Believing in progress does not mean believing that progress has already happened. That wouldn't be a belief.


A. is a virtuoso and Heaven is his witness.


Man cannot live without a permanent trust in something indestructible in himself, whereby both the indestructible and the trust can remain permanently hidden from him. One of the ways of expressing this remaining hidden is the belief in a personal God. *


The serpent had to mediate: Evil can seduce man, but cannot become man. "


In the struggle between you and the world, second the world. *


One must not cheat anyone, not even the world for their victory.


There is nothing but a spiritual world; what we call the sensible world is evil in the spiritual and what we call evil is only a necessity of a moment in our eternal development.

With the strongest light one can dissolve the world. In front of weak eyes it becomes firm, in front of even weaker eyes it gets fists, in front of even weaker eyes it becomes shameful and crushes whoever dares to look at it.


Everything is fraud: seek the minimum of deceptions, stick to the usual, seek the maximum. In the first case one cheats the good by making it too easy for oneself to acquire it, and the evil by setting conditions for it that are too unfavorable to fight. In the second case one cheats the good by not even striving for it in the earthly. In the third case, one cheats the good by moving as far away from it as possible, the evil by hoping to make it powerless through its maximum increase. The second case would then be preferable, because one always cheats on the good, but not on the bad in this case, at least in appearance.


There are questions we could not get over if we were not naturally liberated from them.


For everything outside of the sensible world, language can only be used as an indication, but never even approximately in comparison, since, according to the sensible world, it only deals with property and its relationships.


You lie as little as possible, only when you lie as little as possible, not when you have as little opportunity as possible. *


A stair step that is not deeply hollowed out by steps is, viewed by itself, just something bleakly joined together by wood. "


He who renounces the world must love all people, because he also renounces their world. He therefore begins to sense the true human being, which cannot be otherwise than loved, provided that one is his equal.


Whoever loves his neighbor within the world does no more and no less injustice than whoever loves himself within the world. The only question that remains is whether the former is possible.


The fact that there is nothing but a spiritual world robs us of hope and gives us certainty.


Our art is one of being blinded by the truth: the light on the receding grimacing face is true, nothing else.


The main part of the expulsion from paradise is eternal: the expulsion from paradise is final, life in the world is inevitable, but the eternity of the process nevertheless makes it possible that we could not only stay permanently in paradise, but are actually there permanently, whether we know it here or not.


He is a free and secure citizen of the earth, because he is put on a chain that is long enough to give him all earthly spaces and yet only so long that nothing can tear him beyond the boundaries of the earth. At the same time, however, he is also a free and secure citizen of heaven, because he is also attached to a similarly calculated heavenly chain. If he now wants to go to earth, the collar of heaven throttles him, if he wants to go to heaven that of earth. And yet he has all the options and feels it, yes he even refuses to attribute the whole thing to a mistake in the first bondage.


According to the facts, he walks like a beginner in ice skating who also practices somewhere where it is forbidden.


What is happier than believing in a house god!


Theoretically there is a perfect possibility of happiness: Believe in the indestructible in yourself and not strive for it.


The indestructible is one; every single person is it and at the same time it is common to all, hence the unparalleled inseparable connection between people.


There are cognitions in the same person which, despite being completely different, have the same object, so that again only different subjects in the same person have to be inferred. "


He eats the rubbish off his own table; as a result he will be fuller than everyone else for a while, but he will forget how to eat at the table upstairs; but this also stops the waste.


If what is supposed to have been destroyed in Paradise was destructible, then it was not crucial; but if it was indestructible, then we live in a false belief.


Test yourself on humanity. It makes the doubting doubt, the believer believe. "


This feeling: "I am not anchored here" and immediately feel the surging, carrying tide around you.

A turnaround. Lurking, afraid, hoping, the answer creeps around the question, desperately searches its inaccessible face, follows it on the most senseless d. H. from the answer as far as possible striving ways.


Intercourse with people leads to introspection.


The mind only becomes free when it ceases to be a support.


Sensual love conceals heavenly love; she could not do it alone, but since she unconsciously has the element of heavenly love in her, she can.


Truth is indivisible, so it cannot know itself; whoever wants to recognize them must be a lie. *


Nobody can demand what ultimately harms him. If it appears this way in the individual person - and it perhaps always does - then this is explained by the fact that someone demands something in the person that is useful to that person, but difficult for a second person who is half involved in assessing the case harms. If the person had placed himself on the side of the second person right at the beginning, not just when assessing, the first person would have been extinguished and with him the desire.


Why do we complain about the Fall? It was not because of him that we were driven out of paradise, but because of the tree of life, so that we would not eat from it.


We are sinful not only because we have eaten from the tree of knowledge, but also because we have not yet eaten from the tree of life. Sinful is the state we are in regardless of guilt.


We were created to live in paradise, paradise was meant to serve us. Our purpose has been changed; it is not said that this would also have happened with the destination of Paradise.


Evil is a radiation of human consciousness in certain transitional positions. The sensual world is not actually appearance, but its evil, which, however, forms the sensual world for our eyes.


Since the fall of man, we have been essentially equal in our ability to know good and bad; Nevertheless, we are looking for our special advantages here. But only beyond this knowledge do true differences begin. The opposite appearance is produced by the following: Nobody can be content with knowledge alone, but must strive to act in accordance with it. But for this he is not given the strength, he must therefore destroy himself, even at the risk of not even thereby obtaining the necessary strength, but he has no choice but to make this last attempt. (This is also the meaning of the death threat when eating the tree of knowledge is forbidden; perhaps that is also the original meaning of natural death.) Now he is afraid of this attempt; he prefers to undo the knowledge of good and bad; (The name: "Fall" goes back to this fear) but what happened cannot be undone, it can only be clouded. The motivations are created for this purpose. The whole world is full of them, yes, the whole visible world is perhaps nothing more than a motivation for the person who wants to rest for a moment. An attempt to falsify the fact of knowledge, to make knowledge a goal first.


Faith like a guillotine, so heavy, so easy.


Death is before us, like a picture of the Battle of Alexander on the wall in a school room. It is a matter of darkening or even extinguishing the picture through our actions in this life.


Two options: make yourself infinitely small or be one. The first is completion, i.e. inactivity, the second is beginning, i.e. action. *


To avoid a word mistake: What is to be actively destroyed must have been held firmly beforehand; what crumbles, crumbles, but cannot be destroyed. *


The first idol worship was certainly fear of things, but connected with it fear of the necessity of things and connected with it fear of responsibility for things. This responsibility seemed so immense that one did not even dare to impose it on a single extra-human, for even through the mediation of just one being human responsibility would not have been eased enough, intercourse with only one being would have been too tainted with responsibility, so one gave Every thing is responsible for itself, and what is more, these things were also given a proportionate responsibility for people.


Psychology for the last time!


Two tasks at the beginning of life: restrict your circle more and more and check again and again whether you are not hiding somewhere outside your circle.


Evil is sometimes in the hand like a tool, recognized or unrecognized, it can be put aside without contradiction if one has the will. *


The joys of this life are not his, but our fear of ascending to a higher life; the torments of this life are not his, but our self-torment because of that fear.


Only here is suffering suffering. Not as if those who suffer here should be exalted elsewhere because of this suffering, but in such a way that what is called suffering in this world is bliss in another world, unchanged and only freed from its opposite.


The idea of ​​the infinite breadth and abundance of the cosmos is the result of the extreme mixture of laborious creation and free self-reflection.


How much more depressing than the most inexorable conviction of our present sinful state is even the weakest conviction of the once eternal justification of our temporality. Only the strength in enduring this second conviction, which in its purity fully embraces the first, is the measure of faith.

Some assume that in addition to the great primal fraud, a little special fraud is organized especially for them in each case, that when a love game is performed on the stage, the actress, in addition to the mendacious smile for her lover, also has a particularly devious smile for her has the very specific viewer on the last gallery. That means going too far.


There can be knowledge of the diabolical, but no belief in it, because there is no more diabolical than is there.


Sin always comes openly and can be grasped with the senses. It goes on its roots and does not have to be uprooted.


We must suffer all the suffering around us. We all don't have a body but a growth and that leads us through all pain, whether in one form or that. Just as the child develops through all stages of life up to old age and death (and each stage basically seems unattainable to the earlier, in desire or in fear), so do we develop (no less deeply connected with humanity than with ourselves) through all the sufferings of this world. There is no room for justice in this context, nor for fear of suffering or for the interpretation of suffering as a merit.


You can hold back from the suffering of the world, that is up to you and corresponds to your nature, but perhaps this holding back is the only suffering that you could avoid.


Man has free will and three things:

First, he was free when he wanted this life; Now, however, he can no longer undo it, because he is no longer the one who wanted it back then, unless it was to the extent that he carried out his will then by living.

Second, he is free to choose the pace and path of this life.

Thirdly, he is free because he, as someone he will be again one day, has the will to go through life under any condition and to let himself come to him in this way, on a path that can be chosen, but in any case such a labyrinthine path, that he leaves no corner of this life untouched.

That is the threefold nature of free will, but because it is at the same time, it is also a monotony and is basically so much a monotony that it has no place for a will, neither for a free nor an unfree one.


The seductive means of this world and the sign of the guarantee that this world is only a transition are the same. Rightly so, because this is the only way this world can seduce us and it corresponds to the truth. But the worst thing is that after a successful seduction we forget the guarantee and so actually the good has lured us into evil, the woman's gaze into her bed.


Humility gives everyone, even those who are lonely and desperate, the strongest relationship with their fellow human beings, and indeed immediately, but only with complete and lasting humility. It can do this because it is the true language of prayer, at the same time adoration and strongest connection. The relationship to fellow human beings is the relationship of prayer, the relationship to oneself is the relationship of striving; strength for striving is drawn from prayer.

Can you know anything other than fraud? Once the fraud is destroyed, you are not allowed to look or you become a pillar of salt.


Everyone is very friendly to A., just like one carefully tries to keep an excellent billiard table safe from good players, until the great player comes, examines the board carefully, does not tolerate any premature mistake, but then when he starts to play himself to ravage itself in the most ruthless way.


“But then he returned to his work as if nothing had happened.” This is a remark that we are familiar with from an obscure wealth of old stories, although it may not appear in any.


"It cannot be said that we lack faith. The simple fact of our life alone cannot be exhausted in its belief."

"Here would be something worth believing? You can't non-live."

"It is precisely in this" can't "that the insane power of faith resides; in this negation it takes shape."

It is not necessary for you to go out of the house. Stay at your table and listen. Don't even listen, just wait. Don't even wait, be completely still and alone. The world will offer itself to you to expose itself, it cannot help it, it will wriggle in front of you in ecstasy.

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