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Building your own home - 7 tips to protect yourself against building bogus

10/1/18 12:37 PM Age: 3 year (s)

So that you can build your own home without any major mishaps

Building your own home is complex: building materials, specialist knowledge, different trades, but also the weather all have an impact on the new building. Structural damage and complications are often the order of the day. If the builders secure themselves contractually, choose the right building partner and fix errors in good time, construction defects can be mastered easily and building botch is not an issue.

Most construction defects in the home are caused by incorrect building sealing. Damp walls, mold and poor thermal insulation are the consequences. However, errors can also arise in the case of incorrectly installed building services or a poorly planned heating system. A study by the Bauherren-Schutzbund e.V. (BSB) and the Institute for Building Research e.V. Hanover has shown that an average of 20 defects occur during construction in private house construction and 10 defects in the final acceptance because measures were not carried out properly to the end.

How do builders know that the craftsmen have not done a good job? How do you proceed when the deficiency is recognized? For non-specialists, it is almost impossible to check craftsmanship. However, even laypeople can use a planned procedure to build their own home without major disasters. It is crucial to plan the house construction properly, to involve experts and to protect yourself legally against damage.

Time is money, even if there is a breakdown in construction. Anyone looking for a solution in social networks, with friends or colleagues, usually wastes valuable time. Those who proceed purposefully and with caution will 7 tips to protect yourself against building bugs observed, can master deficiencies in house construction and enjoy his own home as planned.

Tip 1: Pay attention to quality when choosing the solid house company and building materials

Reliable, experienced and fair partners are the best prerequisites for a project like building a house. Especially for once-in-a-lifetime projects, such as your own dream house, those willing to build should consult a solid house specialist as a building partner.

Fair solid house companies such as Town & Country Haus have successfully built more than 30,000 houses and have relevant experience in building their own homes. Due to the large number of units, they can offer a good price-performance ratio for high-quality building materials. Building owners do not need to reinvent the wheel and can rely on the expertise of an experienced company. When choosing the right partner, a visit to show houses or construction sites can be helpful. Quality seals also provide orientation.

Tip 2: Fair contracts and TÜV-approved building and assembly regulations

Since January 2018, building contract law has been paying more attention to the rights of builders. The contract between the client and the construction company is intended to keep the construction contract risks as low as possible and to ensure that the construction process is as trouble-free as possible. Builders who buy all services from a single source benefit in particular from the so-called Maas amendment.

To be on the safe side, those wishing to build can have contracts for house construction checked by a building law expert. Town & Country Haus has the building and assembly regulations checked by the TÜV. So builders can trust that their solid house will always be built according to the recognized rules of technology and always meet the current requirements during construction.

Tip 3: All-round security with a home construction cover letter

Fair solid house providers guarantee the price, the construction time and the quality. Some construction defects only appear years after moving in. The Town & Country house construction protection letter offers builders extensive security before, during and after house construction. The cover letter also includes a construction completion guarantee via a guarantee from the R&V insurance company in the amount of 20 percent of the purchase price - so the home can be completed even in the event of the construction company becoming insolvent. If a defect occurs within 5 years after handing over the house, this is covered by the guarantee of 75,000 euros.

Tip 4: Solid planning through soil appraisals & realistic calculations

The examination of the soil conditions by means of a building survey is an important prerequisite for the home to be built on a solid foundation and, for example, to be properly sealed against moisture and pressing groundwater.

With trustworthy construction companies, such an appraisal is already included in the house price. A realistic calculation of the construction project is also an important basis for a successful path into your own home. It is helpful to have the financing checked by an expert. Builders should also ensure that their construction budget is paid into a construction account managed by the auditor.

Tip 5: construction management, regular and independent checks

A professional construction management coordinates the construction during the entire construction phase, ensures a smooth schedule, pays attention to the quality of the materials used, monitors the individual trades and the safety of the construction. Regular quality controls significantly reduce the risk of construction defects. The construction contract with Town & Country Haus therefore provides for the construction site to be checked by independent and experienced experts.

After all, good communication with everyone involved helps avoid mistakes. In order to discover mistakes or deficiencies yourself, Google is usually a poor advisor, because an on-site assessment is indispensable, especially when building a house. If something seems strange when you visit a construction site, the site manager should be informed immediately. With his specialist knowledge, he can make an appropriate judgment and initiate sensible steps to remedy a defect.

Tip 6: Blower door test finds leaks

Leaks in the house are among the most serious structural damage. With the help of the so-called blower door test, the tightness of the building envelope is checked. An independent expert carries out the test for a new building. The costs for the test are already included in the fixed price for a quality-conscious construction company.

Tip 7: Check the building within the 5-year period

For every new building there is a guarantee that begins with the acceptance of the work and is set for five years. A two-year warranty applies to repairs. Builders can have defects remedied under the guarantee within this period. In order not to pay the costs for repairs that are covered by the guarantee, builders should therefore have their house inspected for defects a few months before the expiry period. For this reason, fair construction companies maintain good contact with the homeowners even after construction. Because timely action even after moving in saves the costs for an expert in some cases.

Conclusion: A fair construction partner secures the construction work with a transparent contract, recognizes any defects immediately during quality controls or prevents them. A warranty guarantee protects builders against construction defects five years after the new building has been accepted.