What are the best chess books

Book recommendations

Chess books are now a dime a dozen, and even if the quality has increased significantly in recent years, there are still many unusable works among them.
Unfortunately, chess players buy books regardless of their skill level and are often overwhelmed with reading them.
If you consider that understanding a chess book should be preceded by months of work, we have to be careful with our time resources. In the following you will find a list of recommended works, combined with an assessment of the readership addressed by the author.
However, all of them assume that the beginner stage is already
has been exceeded (Elo / DWZ from 1200).
authortitleRecommended skill level

Aaron Nimzowitsch

My system

Required reading

Garry Kasparov

On my great predecessors /
my great champions
Chess history
Part all
Analytical part from 2100
Alex YermolinskyThe way to improve in chess1700 -
Hickl / Zude / SchuppThe power of the peasantsbasic strategic knowledge
for club players
PrusikinFire-free!!Attack strategies for club players
David BronsteinZurich International Chess Tnm.1700-2300
Hans KmochThe art of leading a farmer1300-2200
Zude / HicklThe d6 repertoireOpening theory for club players
Yuri AverbachChess tactics for advanced players1500-
Artur YusupovTiger jump row

add 300 DWZ to each band, e.g. B. Tiger Leaping for 1500 is recommended for 1800 players

Mark Dworetzky's books, which are important in the market, should under no circumstances go unmentioned. The top Russian coach has led many young players into the world class, including Dolmatov, Dreev and Artur Jussupow. However, his high-class works are correspondingly demanding. Too demanding for me, but highly recommended for young, title-hungry players from an Elo / Dwz of 2300. Weaker players will find little pleasure in the analytical works.

In the meantime, however, a "warning about the book" seems to me to be almost more important than a list of recommendations. Badly made chess books not only consume a lot of time, but can also have a negative effect on the skill level of the reader:

Books I didn't like

Jakob AagardImprove your variant calculation 
Herman GrootenChess strategy for club players 
Jakob AagardAttack and defense 

Books I advise against

Euwe / AvoidAmateur becomes masterRather a master becomes an amateur
The World Cup probably didn't contribute a sentence here. Neither variants nor position assessments are consistent. The extremely positive comments by z. B. Amazon. A clear indication that the learner is unable to judge the quality of the books. Ask someone who knows!