Why are hips attractive to people

What men like Men find these "problem areas" really attractive!

A bikini figure may make you happy, but it certainly won't bring you the man of your dreams. A small tummy, spider veins, too small a breast, cellulite - none of these reasons to despair, because many men are not at all interested in them. On the contrary: They ignore our supposed “problem areas”. So first sit back and relax. Much of what we women cannot like about our bodies, the “strong” sex actually find attractive.

The biggest problem area is that Belly. A small tummy also stands for femininity. Often curves and curves are viewed as sexy. Those who live permanently on a diet are often considered unattractive. In the past, lush body shapes were seen as a sign of attractiveness, fertility and prosperity. It was the ideal of a woman. It wasn't until much later that this image changed to a wasp waist. But who could imagine a belly dancer without a belly?

Sexy is always subjective

It's the same with that Hip. A real hunger peg is bony and fragile. If there is a bit of bacon around our waist, then men have a cushion to grasp. We seem more stable and our "hip gold" represents a love ring.

The Po too thick? It's a question of the beholder. Lots of men love to touch women by the buttocks. If it is very flat, there is nothing to grasp. And that is much less popular than a pronounced bottom, which also has something to it. Kim Kardashian had her big butt extra insured. Your XXL bottom even has massive dents and even centimeters thick Cellulite.

For men, naturalness is the key

Orange peel nobody wishes. But female skin has a different tissue structure than that of men. The connective tissue changes over the course of life. But now the good news: the men don't even notice our cellulite. Women tend to overestimate a few dents on their thighs and buttocks.

Too small, too hanging - that Bosom. Many women find their breasts not perfect and always have something to complain about. But for men, breasts are just breasts. Studies show that a natural, small or slightly sagging breast is usually considered more attractive than an artificial silicone breast. The important thing is to just stand by your bosom, no matter how much you get from it.

Femininity instead of just skin and bones

"But you have a lot of back fat!" Has a man ever said this sentence to a woman? Probably not. A beautiful move as is well known, it can also delight.

Lush Thigh - awful? Just like with the stomach, strong legs used to be considered strength and also the ability to take on a protective function. This no longer corresponds to our current ideal of beauty, but many men prefer female thighs to skin and bones.

Take a deep breath and relax

Small red-bluish veins on the legs, mostly on the lower legs: Spider veins. Not pretty - a real cosmetic problem for us women. But only for us - not for men. So take a deep breath and relax.

We wish each other wonderful Feet with perfect straight toes and great skin. But they have to carry us every day and sometimes also endure a lot if we keep putting them in uncomfortable, tight or too high shoes. That is why they deserve our care. And not only for the man's appearance, but above all for ourselves!

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Are the Lips from Angelina Jolie really the ideal of beauty for men? Plumped lips do not promise any seduction skills. Many men do not find the rubber dinghy effect sexy at all. They even have the idea that artificially sprayed lips could burst open while kissing. That is why natural lips are much more attractive. Also, it doesn't mean that you can kiss better with plump lips than with narrow lips.

A good figure starts in the head

Without Make up for taking away rubbish, bakery, sport ... unimaginable for many women. A very heavily made-up face usually looks artificial and aloof to men, while a natural face is unadulterated. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive for well-groomed and clean skin. If we feel too naked outside our own four walls without make-up, then we can try the nude look, which is totally in. This look is very suitable for everyday use, because it looks natural and is an excellent way to cover small flaws.

Beauty is fundamentally in the interests of the beholder and is always subjective. It is important that we feel good about ourselves in our body and our own skin. For example, world stars like Adele (29) or singer Maite Kelly (38) stand for this. They also radiate this sense of self-worth to others. If we women don't find ourselves attractive, then neither can anyone - and especially no man who wakes up in bed with us in the morning. A good figure starts in the head.