Are tall women unattractive

What your height says about your dating behavior

Photo: Anna-Alexia Basile.
Are you taller or shorter than your partner? It may well be that his or her height influenced the fact that you came together. A 2016 study suggests that thanks to our genes, we are drawn to people - and accordingly also to data - who are about as big as we are.
In the study published in Genome Biology was published, researchers * analyzed the genotypes (i.e. the totality of genes) of 13,000 heterosexual couples. They found that 89% of the genetic variation that is responsible for the height of the participants also influences their preferences regarding the height of possible partners. Translated, this means that our genes not only determine our own height, but also influence which size we find attractive in others. The researchers say that this is why we often prefer partners who are similar in size to ourselves.
Previous studies have shown that height affects who we find attractive — heterosexual women tend to prefer taller men, for example — but this more recent study gives us a more nuanced look at what role height plays in partner choice.
Perhaps this information helps a bit for those who fear that they are too big or too small to be well received by potential partners. Body size may play a role in choosing a partner, but the ideal is apparently not as precisely defined as we thought. For example, a 2013 study of heterosexual people found that short women and tall men prefer large differences in height, while tall women and short men are more likely to choose partners of similar height. So there is probably no ideal size in the dating world, it just depends on our genetic makeup (and socialization).
As far as the current study is concerned, the researchers stated that they can use their results to predict the size of the partner with an accuracy of 13%. But don't worry if there is a significant size difference between you and your partner. You don't go against your genes, you are just extraordinary - just like your love.