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02.11.2016 – 11:06

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- Chemical cleaners and electrical cleaning devices are the most widely used helpers around the world for cleaning - 45 percent of women, but only 25 percent of men clean for more than 3 hours a week - In all participating countries, respondents over 55 years of age have a clean home little more important than the younger generations

A third of Germans do not always take it too seriously when cleaning, the Japanese find cleaning particularly annoying and the Argentines most often rely on chemical cleaning agents - these are the sometimes surprising results that a current YouGov study on behalf of Kärcher provides. People from Germany, Great Britain, France, the USA, Argentina and Japan took part in the survey on personal cleaning behavior.

Germans and Japanese clean the least

In each of the six countries, over 80 percent of respondents said that a clean home is important to them, in Argentina the figure is as high as 94 percent. So there is great agreement here. However, the results differ when it comes to the time that is spent cleaning: 87 percent of Japanese and 67 percent of Germans clean less than three hours a week *, while in the USA, Great Britain and France this is only slightly more than 50 Percent of respondents applies. Around 40 percent of the participants in each of these three countries need three hours or more to clean, in Argentina even 57 percent. In an international comparison, people there are particularly happy to clean. 10 percent of the Argentine respondents even need more than ten hours a week to clean.

The French hardly mind cleaning

Only 35 percent of the French respondents consider house cleaning to be a necessary evil, while an average of 68 percent of participants from other countries also find cleaning necessary but annoying. In Japan, this even applies to 80 percent of those surveyed. Two-thirds of Argentines and half of French don't care much about cleaning. The latter are also most likely to use rags and vacuum cleaners on a regular basis, even if the dirt is not yet visible. 56 percent of them clean regularly, whether it's dirty or not. Only about 40 percent of Germans, British and Americans think the same way. And don't be fussy Germans: In contrast to the widespread cliché, a third of those surveyed in Germany do not always take it that carefully, at least when cleaning, while all other countries are below this value.

Aids are particularly popular with Germans

Germans manage more than any other country with electric cleaning aids (82 percent) and household remedies such as lemon or baking powder (43 percent), while Argentines use chemical cleaners most frequently in a country comparison (86 percent). In other countries these aids are used less. Electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and the like are only used by 66 percent of those surveyed in the USA, for example. Chemical cleaning agents are used the least in Japan, where they are only used by 51 percent of the participants. In all countries, less than half of those surveyed receive help from a partner, family member or roommate, except in Argentina. There someone helps with house cleaning in 51 percent of cases. In contrast, the French are true lone fighters: only 23 percent of them distribute the cleaning work. In most countries, less than 10 percent afford domestic help. Here, too, Argentina is by far the front runner: 20 percent of those surveyed employ a cleaner.

The most unpopular housework in Germany

In the survey, the Germans expressed a clear opinion about particularly unpopular housework: with 52 percent, window cleaning came in first place by far. Cleaning the bathroom is also very unpopular at 38 percent, with men (41 percent) even less willing to take on this task than women (34 percent). In third place of the most unpopular housework is floor mopping (30 percent). Only 16 percent of those surveyed make up for vacuuming, while 11 percent stated that they do not like doing any cleaning job.

The data used are based on online surveys by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 9,439 people took part. The results have been weighted and are representative of the German, British, American, Japanese, Argentine and French populations aged 18 and over.

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