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Persian cuisine is the name given to the traditional culinary delights of Iran, which have been gaining more and more fans outside of the country for several years. No wonder: traditional Persian recipes are characterized by refined flavors that know how to inspire.

Persian Recipes: Traditional Food

Fragrant rice plays a major role in Persian cuisine. The popular food is well seasoned both on its own and combined with grilled or braised meat - especially lamb and chicken. Popular dishes that harmonize wonderfully with light, fragrant rice are, for example, traditional kebabs with fresh yogurt sauce or hearty lamb goulash.
Also indispensable: thin and thick bread flatbreads, which are served with many hearty dishes and are a perfect accompaniment to our Persian herb salad. Fresh herbs are not only used as spices in Iran, but also eaten as a separate dish, as this simple recipe with coriander, dill, mint and parsley proves.

Tip: You can also discover numerous tagine recipes with oriental spices.

Diverse flavors of Persian cuisine
Mint, saffron, turmeric, parsley, cumin and coriander are among the best-known spices in Persian cuisine. These strong flavors are often combined with sweet and sour dishes. Lemon, lime and pomegranate juice or yogurt are also popular additives.
The result of this wide range of flavors are unique taste experiences and strong dishes that skillfully combine savory, sweet and sour notes. Successful examples of this exciting aroma mix that are also suitable for vegetarians are our refined chickpea salad or our millet falafel with tomato salad and coriander quark. A chickpea dip tastes great with bread.

Persian recipes for sweet desserts
Persian cuisine likes to rely on the sweetness of fresh fruits such as melons or peaches for desserts. In addition, desserts based on egg whites are also very popular. These include gaz, an Iranian original similar to white nougat or fine foam biscuits.
And: nuts also play a major role in desserts. Baklava, a juicy puff pastry with walnuts and pistachios, is a valued Persian delicacy. The basis is the wafer-thin filo pastry, which you will certainly want to get to know better. Finally, it is also suitable for preparing Börek and even strudel. So be sure to take a look at our filo pastry recipes.

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