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Translation of "popular" in German

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Posso dizer-vos que é bastante popular.
I can tell you that he is very much popular is.
Quando eras popular junto das fadas.
Than you so popular were with the fairies.
Sou universalmente popular e amado por todos.
I am all-round popular and be liked by everyone.
Logo tornou-se popular na imprensa internacional.
The name got into the international media very quickly popular.
Deve ser assim o que é ser popular.
That's how it must be if you known is.
Arruínaste as minhas hipóteses ser popular.
You have my chances popular to be destroyed.
Este novo reconhecimento online tornou-o muito popular.
The newfound attention online made him great popular.
Estariainterested em ter around popular...
Would you be interested in that one popular...
It's about gajo popular, Connor.
You are right today popular, Connor.
Eu era demasiado popular para reparar.
I was too popularto notice you.
Ser popular nunca me preocupou muito.
Popular I've never cared about being.
É popular porque not chateia ninguém.
you are popularbecause you are not bothering anyone.
Mas seria uma medida política muito popular.
But that would be a very more popular, political move.
Ouvi dizer que é bastante popular neste século.
I've heard such a thing is right popular In this century.
É difícil condenar um homem popular.
It's tricky one popular Convict man.
Essa medida tornará a Europe popular.
Through this measure the European Union popular become.
Esta zona era popular até Fullon Street.
This section was very popular all the way to Fulton Street.
Não vais deixar de ser popular.
It's not like you aren't anymore popular will be.
It's about tipo popular, Atley.
Estou a ver que é muito popular.
I see you are very much popular.
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