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Your application for parental allowance in Hessen

We have compiled the application documents and additional certificates from your parental allowance office for a parental allowance application in Hesse for you.

The problem with applying for parental allowance:

The parental allowance applications are designed to make it easier for the clerks at the parental allowance offices to enter the applicant's data. Complex issues or individual design wishes of the parents offered by the Parental Allowance Act can neither be recorded nor explained by simply filling out the application documents.

Especially for self-employed, parents with mixed income and complicated income or life situations before or after the birth of a child, it is advisable to familiarize yourself intensively with the regulations of the Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act (BEEG). However, the clerks at the parental allowance offices make decisions based on the BEEG guidelines, which comprise over 400 pages!

Our solution for your optimal parental allowance application:

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have become specialists in parental allowance and parental leave. We explain to you which mistakes you should avoid when submitting your application and discuss individual design options for your parental allowance in order to find out the best possible for you.

Call us and make an appointment for a consultation by phone on 0361 38039540. Alternatively, you can contact our application service by email at [email protected]

With the help of our free parental allowance calculator, you can have the parental allowance calculated for different constellations and clarify any questions in advance. For example: Is it worthwhile to work overtime in the 12 months prenatal (this is a question that fathers should ask themselves in the interests of the expectant child)? What is the point if a job seeker does a mini job for a few days before giving birth?

Before submitting your application, you can also have a model calculation drawn up by your parental allowance office in Hesse. If you want to compare several constellations with each other, hopefully your responsible employee will have the necessary patience ...

The parental allowance application and additional forms for births and adoptions from 07/01/2015 for Hessen:

You can find your responsible parental allowance office in Hesse in our directory of parental allowance offices. Older application documents are stored in the archive.