Is female the gender of a waiter

Schweizerhaus is also looking for third-gender waiters

The legendary Viennese Schweizerhaus is looking for gender-neutral employees for the new season - by means of a newspaper advertisement.
This job announcement, which appeared in the Sunday edition of the Kronenzeitung, was probably not understood by all readers right away. In the advertisement, jobs as a waiter and bar employee for the Schweizerhaus are advertised with the gender abbreviation m / w / x.

It is correct to look for employees who are either male and female or who simply feel gender neutral. The Schweizerhaus is celebrating its 100th anniversary in the coming season, which traditionally opens on March 15th, and needs additional employees.

"We don't want to marginalize anyone!"

So the surprise follows "Today"-Call to the contacts given in the advertisement. Restaurant manager Herbert Stieger: "We don't want to offend or exclude anyone with our search."

What means "Gender neutral"

As third gender are people referred to or refer to themselves as people who (do not want to) fit into the binary gender system male and female. The third gender is now considered a variant of the non-binary gender identities.

Source: Wikipedia

Now colleague Andreas Staudinger, assisted, comment: "We also had homosexual waiters in the Schweizerhaus again and again. And besides, there have never been any problems with the sexual orientation of our employees."

Since 2019 the "x" can be entered in the passport

In official documents such as passports, people of the third gender have been able to have an "x" entered since mid-2019. This goes back to a judgment of the Constitutional Court, in which a corresponding lawsuit was pending. | Act:

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