Who are the richest people in Chicago

We introduce you to the 25 richest people in 2021 - and explain how they came to their great wealth.

In the following ranking we present the 25 richest people in the world in 2021. The asset figures are based on estimates by Forbes Magazine and may vary, especially as global markets are subject to great fluctuations on a daily basis:

25th place: Philipp Knight (USA)

This name is likely to be known only to a few people in Germany. On the other hand, almost everyone knows his work: Philipp Knight turned the small sporting goods manufacturer Nike into one of the largest and best-known corporations today.

Phil Knight turned a small sporting goods retailer into the mega-empire Nike

The company was founded in the 1960s; today the US empire is a global player and is fighting with Adidas for supremacy in the field of sports sponsorship. In 2016, the multi-billionaire Knight retired from management after more than 50 years. His net worth: around $ 49.9 billion.

24th place: Gautam Adani

The major Indian entrepreneur is the country's largest port operator. His “Adani Group” is also the largest coal producer and dealer in India. Adani is also very politically active and is considered to be very influential. He has amassed a good 50.5 billion dollars.

Gautam Shantilal Adani: benefactor from India? The billionaire's machinations are very controversial

Adani (2nd from right), seen here during an investor conference in 2014, likes to pose as a benefactor, but his actions are very controversial. In Australia in particular, his name is a red rag for environmentalists. He runs the critically criticized Charmichael mine. Incidentally, the German company Siemens is also involved in the coal project. A criminal case is pending against Adani in India for fraudulent manipulation. He is said to have deceived the tax authorities by quoting higher coal prices for imports.

23rd place: Daniel Gilbert

"Dan" Gilbert comes from a suburb of Detroit. He earns his living as the founder and main shareholder of the US mortgage financier "Quick Loan". Gilbert is featured frequently and prominently in the US media. He owns several sports teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Gilbert brothers set up real estate companies: They don't accumulate wealth with houses

Daniel Gilbert founded the real estate company "Rock Financial" together with brother Gary. Selling houses was of little interest to the two of them. The granting of mortgages turned out to be much more lucrative. Today Daniel Gilbert is worth nearly $ 52 billion. The entrepreneur, who was born in 1962, was particularly rich in 2020. “Quicken Loans” went public under the name “Rocket Companies” and Gilbert was included in the list of the richest people in the world.

22nd place: MacKenzie Scott (USA)

MacKenzie Scott was married to Jeff Bezos until 2019, and together in the 1990s the couple founded the company Amazon, one of today's biggest profit makers.

MacKenzie Scott: Amazon co-founder lets others share in financial success

Born in 1970 and weighing around $ 53 billion, the Californian is considered particularly generous when it comes to charity. The author and entrepreneur thus enjoys a role model function in society. In 2020 she said: "There is no doubt that a person's personal wealth is the result of collective effort and social structures that provide opportunities for some people and obstacles to myriad other obstacles."

21st place: Colin Zheng Huang (China)

Colin Zheng Huang is Chinese and the founder and CEO of an e-commerce provider that is rather unknown in this country: Pinduoduo.

Colin Zheng Huang: Internet shopping with Pinduoduo as a recipe for success - IPO brings billions

Huang, born in 1980, is the founder of the Chinese online shopping company, which now plays in a league with Alibaba and is its major competitor in the e-commerce sector. The young billionaire previously gained experience at Microsoft and Google in the USA, which he later gilded with an IPO of his platform. Estimated net worth: $ 55.3 billion.

20th place: Michael Bloomberg (USA)

Michael Bloomberg is a native New Yorker, financial tycoon and former mayor of his hometown. The Democrat, who was born in 1942, failed early with his planned presidential candidacy for the 2020 US election.

Michael Bloomberg: Data as an essential cornerstone for success in the financial world

Michael Rubens Bloomberg turned a million dollar severance payment at an investment bank into a billion dollar fortune. With his company Bloomberg LP, the American organizes real-time data from the financial world. Bloomberg also has a media empire including a news agency and TV station. Net worth: an estimated $ 59 billion.

19th place: Samuel Robson Walton (USA)

Samuel Robson Walton is the eldest son of the founder of what is now the world's largest grocery chain, Wal-Mart. The American, born in 1944, took over the legacy from his father Sam Walton and managed the high-turnover company until 2015.

Samuel Robson Walton: Heir from trading giant directed company fortunes and indulges in car passion

Born into one of the most famous entrepreneurial families in the USA, “Rob” Walton's path was mapped out. After the company's founder passed away, he took over the chairmanship of the retail giant (until 2015). The $ 59.5 billion magnate has a weakness for collecting exclusive cars.

18th and 17th place: Jim Walton and Alice Walton (both USA)

The siblings Jim and Alice Walton are just as rich as their brother Samuel Robson. Jim, born in 1948, is listed with a fortune of around 60.2 billion dollars, his younger sister Alice (1949) is a bit higher (61.8 billion). Like her brothers, Alice is a shareholder in Walmart, but largely retains its entrepreneurial activities.

16th place: Carlos Slim Helu (Mexico)

His father once came from Lebanon as a refugee and sought his fortune in Mexico. Starting with a small shop, the family was able to accumulate more and more wealth through constant investments, especially in real estate. The son Carlos Slim Helu, born in 1940, also appeared as an investor after the death of his father.

Carlos Slim Helu: Great wealth thanks to the privatization of a communications giant

Slim Helu then increased his fortune with stakes in various businesses before he struck at the privatization of the state telecommunications company - rumor has it for a price that was too low. His company America Movil has a monopoly and has been criticized for its excessive usage costs, which create resentment in comparison to the low income of the Mexican population. The fortune of the allegedly richest Latin American is estimated at $ 62.8 billion.

15th place: Ma Huateng (China)

The Chinese who have made the most fortune from the Internet is Ma Huateng. He is the head of the Tencent group, whose businesses are in the field of intelligence, social networking and digital entertainment. Estimated net worth: around $ 65.8 billion.

Ma Huateng: Successful messenger service with all-encompassing digital processing

The computer scientist began as an employee of a telecommunications service and then founded the company Tencent, which initially developed technologies for text-based instant messaging. Today the WeChat platform is the largest instant messenger in the world, where users can communicate and carry out other digital life activities.

14th place: Steve Ballmer (USA)

Steve Ballmer owes his $ 68.7 billion wealth to Bill Gates and Microsoft, among others. The two met while studying at Harvard. The rest is history: Gates hired him for his company, Ballmer became Microsoft's first manager. From 2000 to 2014 he finally led the software giant as managing director.

Steve Ballmer: From Microsoft CEO to NBA club owner

Ballmer caused a stir shortly after leaving Microsoft. In 2014, the 64-year-old bought the Los Angeles Clippers, a basketball team in the NBA. The purchase price: a record 1.65 billion euros! Only the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team had sold even more expensively a few years earlier. In polls, the sports maniac is consistently voted one of the best club owners in North America.

Rank 13: Zhong Shanshan (China)

Zhong Shanshan currently heads the company "Nongfu Spring", the leading supplier of mineral water in China. Before that he worked as a construction worker, news reporter and then as a drinks dealer. His net worth is estimated at $ 68.9 billion.