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Again and again, however, pursuers run away - the reasons for this are as numerous as those for adding an account to your own timeline. Hardly any follower says goodbye with big words, the decision is mostly made in secret. With new services like Qwitter or Goodbye, Buddy! Twitter users now get more insight. Twitter users now get more insight.

The services are updated daily and show who has said goodbye as a follower. In addition to the bitter truth, courageous users who trust themselves to gain insight are also provided with additional information - for example for how long someone has followed.

E-Mail notification

Qwitter sends users an email every day with the subject "Your latest Twitter Qwitters!". In it it is then written how many and which followers have said goodbye within the past 24 hours. Of course, the unfollower lists also raise new questions. Users wonder why certain accounts followed them in the first place. Even more burning is the question of what could have been said that caused the unfollowing. The services do not provide any information on this.

Although the unfollowing is rarely justified on a personal level, being abandoned digitally still gives most users a little sting. Nobody likes to lose their attention. Rejection also hurts in the online world. (pte)