What fruit can be taken for lunch

Fruit: If we eat it at this time, we'd better lose weight

It should come as no surprise that fruit is healthy and provides our body with important vitamins and minerals. At the same time, however, fruits are always viewed a little critically, especially when it comes to losing weight. This is particularly due to the high fructose content that can be found in most of the fruit. Even if this form of sugar is healthier than the industrially manufactured variant, fructose contains just as many calories and - if consumed excessively - can also ensure that the problem areas on the stomach, hips and buttocks expand. However, completely giving up these foods is not an option, after all, bananas, apples and the like are essential for our body. Rather, we should think about when to eat these delicacies in the future. The time at which we eat fruit can determine whether we gain weight or whether the healthy snack helps us lose weight. 🍌🍎🍑

At this time of day, we should eat fruit to lose weight

So that fruit melts the kilos, we should definitely not eat it in the evening. At this time, the body goes into sleep mode, especially the metabolism, so that the high energy content in bananas, peaches or pears can no longer be processed. The result: restless sleep and a higher number on the scales. And what about a few hours earlier? A fresh smoothie or a fruit platter after a hearty lunch actually sounds very healthy. You thought wrong, because in the form of an extra meal, fruit can become a real calorie trap. In addition, the high fructose content ensures that the blood sugar is out of whack and the risk of being attacked by nasty cravings in the afternoon increases.

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So if not in the evening or at noon, then there is only one option left. In the morning and in the morning, however, eating fruit can be helpful on the way to the dream figure. By treating ourselves to a fresh fruit salad to start the day or garnishing our porridge with fruit, our body is supplied with many important nutrients in the morning. While the carbohydrates it contains provide energy, the fiber stimulates digestion - an important player in metabolism. So we can do this at the beginning of the day get going naturally, which in turn causes us to tumble the pounds faster. With the choice of fruit, we can ultimately increase the effect. Varieties such as red berries, apples, pineapples or citrus fruits have a particularly beneficial effect on the metabolism. Because the sweet fruits can't help you lose weight ... 💪🏻

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