Where can I find business angels

WiWo founder

Capital, network and know-how: Business angels are valuable in many ways for start-up founders. But how do you get to the corporate angels? WiWo founder explains it.

It should never have been easier for founders to get start-up financing than it is now. Accelerators, company builders, venture capital, crowd investors and business angels support young or prospective entrepreneurs financially.

But crowdfunding is unsafe. Venture capital is usually only considered later for growth financing. Accelerators often provide assembly line monitoring rather than financial resources. And company builders like Rocket Internet develop start-ups according to their ideas.

Business angels, on the other hand, are individuals who are personally committed to the idea of ​​the founder or founding team. Mostly they are entrepreneurs who would like to pass on their experience. They use their own capital, bring entrepreneurial skills and contacts with them. And they invest at the very beginning when other investors consider it too risky. In return, the business angels receive a share in the company.

The often cited “Super Angels”, who have supported a number of very successful start-ups, are particularly well known. But there are many corporate angels, including in Germany. Fortunately, unlike other angels, they are easily visible and can be reached in several ways. WirtschaftsWoche founder presents four ways.