Why are iPhones no longer popular

Apple iPhone XS more popular than ever after falling prices


The latest iPhone generation iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max has been available since September 2019. Nevertheless, one of the previous models is attracting attention ...

The iPhone XS, on the market since 2018, is currently more popular than ever.

Apple iPhone XS: The most popular smartphone in January

In January 2020, the 64 gigabyte version of the Apple iPhone XS in space gray was not only the most popular iPhone at idealo, but also the most popular smartphone of all. Overall, the buying interest was even greater than for the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 combined (each in the 64 gigabyte version in black).

So the Demand for the iPhone XS more than quadrupled since October 2019 - especially at the expense of the iPhone XR. This was about three times as popular as the XS in October, but demand has halved in the last three months.

The current iPhone 11 only made it to third place in January 2020 most popular smartphones at idealo:

  1. Apple iPhone XS (64GB Space Gray)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB Prism Black)
  3. iPhone 11 (64GB Black)

A fall in prices leads to a boom in demand

Compared to December 2018, i.e. three months after the release, the demand one year later, in December 2019, was already over 50 percent higher. The current month was able to top this value by 34 percent.

Reason for the high demand: The iPhone XS is now cheaper than ever. Since it went on sale in September 2018, it has lost a total of around 46 percent in value.

The biggest drop in prices took place in the last three months. In October 2019, the bestseller version of the iPhone XS (with 64 gigabytes in space gray) still cost over 840 euros, in January 2020 it was 225 euros less. It is currently iPhone XS for around 600 euros available. This corresponds to a price drop of around 27 percent.

iPhone XS now almost as cheap as iPhone XR

The iPhone XS is a real bargain right now. Because it has some technical advantages over the XR, for example a dual camera, more RAM and a better display (OLED instead of LCD). At the start of sales in 2018, the prices for the two iPhone models were therefore still 300 euros apart.

In addition, the current 11 series is significantly more expensive in comparison: The cheapest version of the iPhone 11 averaged 720 euros in January, and the 11 Pro costs at least 965 euros.

Apple withdrew the iPhone XS from sale in 2019

Just in time for the release of the iPhone 11 series, Apple removed the predecessors iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max from its range. The iPhone XS has not been available in the official Apple store since autumn 2019. Only the iPhone XR continues to be sold by Apple itself.

The same fate befell the iPhone X the year before, which disappeared from the Apple website with the launch of the iPhone XS.

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