Was the Prophet Muhammad a role model

The Prophet Muhammad as a role model

Indeed, you have an excellent example in the Messenger of God. (33:21)

Say (to them, O Messenger): “If you truly love God, follow me; then God will love you and forgive you your sins. " (3:31)

The face reveals the inner world of man and his character. Those who saw Prophet Muhammad could not help but admire his appearance and, if they were impartial, confirm his trustworthiness.

Everyone who dealt with the Prophet praised above all his love of truth and his trustworthiness. He never said untruth, never cheated, and never broke his word. Even his bitterest enemies called him the trustworthy one. People said of him: "If you are traveling and looking for someone to take care of your family and property in the meantime, do not hesitate and choose Muhammad."

The Prophet did not lose control even when someone treated him disparagingly. He was also known for his generosity and helpfulness. Whatever he owned, he shared with his fellow men. During his prophecy, he and his wealthy wife, Khadijah, gave all they had to the cause of God. When Khadijah died, they didn't even have enough to buy a shroud. The messenger of God had to borrow money for the funeral of the first person who accepted Islam after him!

Muhammad was a very humble person. It was more important to him to be a humble servant of God than a respected prophet. As his wife Aisha reported, he mended his clothes himself, mended his shoes and helped the women with the housework.

Ali, the fourth caliph, characterizes the Prophet as “the most generous in giving and the strongest in patience and perseverance. There was no one who spoke truer words than he who was more lovable and companionable. Those who see him for the first time are in awe of him, but those who know him very well feel deeply connected to him. Anyone who tries to describe him says: 'I have never seen anyone like him before or after him.' "

His fellow men characterized the Prophet as a very virtuous person. It is true that human history has seen many virtuous personalities come and go; however, no one has these and other good qualities so perfectly united in himself as the Prophet Muhammad. There have also been many courageous people; but especially in critical situations hardly anyone showed as much courage as he did. At the same time, he was extremely indulgent and kind.

Source: Mertek, Muhammet (2012), Islam: Faith, Life, History, INID / Hamm.

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