What is your favorite building material

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Our carpenters are wood experts. They manufacture roof trusses, ceilings and other wooden structures of all kinds.
If wood is your favorite building material, then this is the right job for you. As a carpenter, however, you also work with plaster of paris, plastic, insulating material or metals. You process these building materials with hand tools and machines - exactly according to plans, construction drawings or building sketches.
This is a job for everyone who aims high: carpenters often work on ladders and scaffolding in workshops or construction sites. A head for heights is therefore essential - as is teamwork. Carpenters always work with other construction workers and often have customer contact.
Your tasks:

Select, store and process woods
Design and calculate wooden structures
Measure and cut wood and operate woodworking machines
Assemble individual parts using different joining techniques
Carry out wood preservation work
Manufacture and assemble structures and parts of structures
Manufacture cladding and cladding from wood
Carry out repairs and maintenance work on wood

Collective agreement for apprentices:

Wood processing industry
Workers: € 778.75 / month
White-collar workers: € 711.20 / month
(Apprentices who have passed their school-leaving exam or who have reached the age of 18 € 914.40 / month)

See § 9, Paragraph 12: People who begin their apprenticeship after the age of 18 receive the apprenticeship remuneration for the 3rd year from the beginning of the 1st year up to and including the 3rd year of training