How does Drogon know what Daenerys wants

How do you know which creature was killed?

There are several ways to see this.

Size and Temperament - One possibility we know is that Drogon has always been the preferred one as far as Daenerys is concerned. Part of that was his more aggressive, dominant personality. He's also the one who seemed to sense when she was in danger when they reopened the fighting games and came to her rescue. Her warg-ish bond seems to be the strongest with Drogon. She always rides him and not the others.

He was also the only one roaming free while the other two were chained underground in Meereen. The history of the dragons in this world has shown beyond dispute that limited dragons do not grow and thrive as unlimited dragons do. When the fleet is burned in Slavers Bay and Rhaegal and Viserion break out and join Drogon, you can see that they are tiny by comparison. They have obviously grown a lot since they were liberated, but Drogon is still the largest physically.

Coloration - The coloration of the dragons, as well as the eggs from which they hatched, is different.

  • Drogon - Black with red markings.

  • Rhaegal - green with bronze markings

  • Viserion - Pale with gold markings

Daenerys Dragons Differences Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion - Refinery29


You may also want to refer to the screenshot in What Dragon in S07E06? This shows that the subtitle specifically states that Viserion screams when injured.


@Makyen - most of the US viewers didn't have these subtitles and were pretty sure it was Viserion so it didn't really take my answer into account. Would make for a short, sweet and very definitive answer if you want to post one.


@PoloHoleSet All US viewers had the subtitles. It's up to you to turn it on, no?


@sgroves - yes, but generally when it's in the original language and people get it, they generally don't turn it on. My comment, more precisely, s / b "Almost no US viewers had subtitles."


Are they ever explicitly named on the show? By that I mean named so that it is clear which of the three is meant? Of course, this is the case with Drogon, but I'm not so sure if this is the case with the other two.