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Biological dentistry

»Detoxification through relief

The principle of biological dentistry is to remove foreign materials using protective measures appropriate to the situation and to remove teeth that have been treated with root canals as well as other chronic inflammations and interference fields. For the preservation and reconstruction of the chewing system, we only use bio-neutral materials, mostly ceramics, and can therefore also satisfy the highest aesthetic demands. The dilemma so far has been that the medically necessary measures, such as the removal of chronically inflamed teeth, often resulted in massive damage (tooth and bone loss) that had to be laboriously reconstructed. So the treatment caused damage, but so did failure.

»Dental Excellence

However, the less consistently we relieve the body, the less positive effects we will bring about. That is why we use treatment protocols that minimize the inconvenience with maximum rehabilitation depth. With immediate implants after tooth extraction, we can now avoid a great deal of time, costs and bone loss with all its consequences. This requires excellent surgical skills and extensive experience with ceramic materials. Most of our patients are only briefly or not at all impaired in their social or professional environment. This successful concept is also the reason why many of our patients are therapists themselves.

“The dark side of medicine

“The competition forces us to open up new markets. The goal must be the transformation of all healthy people into sick people, that is, people who consider themselves to be in need of therapeutic, rehabilitative and preventive manipulation by experts, both physically and psychologically, for as long as possible in order to be able to "live healthily". "

Admittedly, the lines above sound inhuman, you would probably assign them to the CEO of a multinational pharmaceutical company. But not true, the quote comes from an article published in Deutsches Ärzteblatt. The goal of therapy should therefore not be health, but lifelong dependence on the medical industry. This idea is in stark contrast to the ideas of Hippocrates to act exclusively for the benefit of the patient. Even if economic framework conditions restrict therapists in their freedom of action today, the goal of all endeavors, lasting health, must never be lost sight of. Not least because the challenges posed by chronic diseases such as AD (H) D, autism, Alzheimer's, ALS, CFS are increasing both quantitatively and qualitatively. Our answer to the possibilities and challenges of our time is: biological medicine and dentistry.

" The better way

In addition to traditionally handcrafted dentistry, all of the basic scientific rules are also applied in biological dentistry. True to the motto: "The mouth as a mirror for health", the basic principles of chemistry, physics and biochemistry are examined more closely and thus the connection between the chronic inflammatory systemic diseases and stresses, foci and interference fields on / in the teeth that are common today , the mucous membranes and the jaws made explainable.

Different, sometimes even toxic metals (mercury / amalgam) are routinely used because they work well and are durable. Dead or root-treated teeth are also standard in the oral cavity of the average adult. Inflammations at the root tip are commonplace - they are dismissed as harmless or simply symptomatic, surgically removed. At least the oral microorganisms are kept in check in some practices through consistent, prophylactic cleaning. Since the human body and its strong immune system can compensate a lot and conventional medicine does not regard the body as an integrative system, but rather in its individual parts, the relationship between the oral cavity and symptoms is almost never established elsewhere in the body.

" Step by step

A very consistent treatment concept has emerged from our close cooperation with environmental medicine specialists in recent years.

  • 1. Removal of all metals under protective measures, with amalgam always under multiple protection.
  • 2. Removal of all inflammation on the teeth and in the jaw.
  • 3. Neural therapy according to Dr. Wander, diversion according to Dr. Mother.
  • 4. Nutritional advice, physical and mental training, orthomolecular medicine.
  • 5. Functional measures such as elevation / shifting of the bite, metal-free orthodontics.
  • 6. Metal-free all-ceramic implants to replace missing teeth if required and desired.
  • 7. Metal-free restoration of teeth (and implants).