Why should you buy a donut

Donut Maker Comparison 2021

3. What role do performance and size play in purchasing a donut maker?

In order to buy the right donut maker, you should consult a donut machine test beforehand. After all, here you will find out which positive and negative properties the devices have.

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3.1. Maximum performance determines the quality of the donut maker

If you are looking for a new donut maker, a donut maker test recommends using types onemaximum power of 700 watts. If you want to use the device often, you should even fall back on a higher wattage. Models from 1,200 watts are worthwhile. This performance provides information about the baking performance and baking time of the device.

With a high-performance donut maker, you benefit from a quick result. But even donut machines with a lower output only needfour to six minutes to bake the pasta.

American donuts in film and television

The donut enjoys cult status in the USA. There are numerous clichés about the sweet delicacy. For example, the donut-eating police officers are stereotypes in films and series. The donut is also inextricably linked to Homer Simpson, the head of the yellow cult family. Meanwhile, donut maker tests report that there are pillows and swim rings in the form of the Simpson donut.

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a donut maker test. However, you can find out for yourself what the best donut maker looks like for you. To do this, you should first define your personal needs. For example, ask yourself how often you want to bake donuts.

3.2. Number and diameter of the delicacies in donut maker tests

If you would like to use the donut maker as a highlight for a birthday or a family celebration, donut machine tests recommend large models. These allow you to make large donuts or many donuts.

By default, you can bake up to seven donuts at the same time in the donut maker. Accordingly, these machines are suitable for making delicacies for a small group of people. On average, seven donuts are enough for four to five people.

Alternatively, you can purchase a large donut maker. The corresponding pasta has a larger diameter than standard donuts. This means you can get enough of a sweet tooth with just one donut.

At children's birthdays, however, a large number of people quickly come together. It is therefore important to prepare a large number of donuts within a short period of time. Donut machine tests recommend a product that produces twelve donuts in one step.

In order not to burden small children's stomachs, you can also Access mini donuts. These are much smaller than the normal dough rings. You don't need to worry about complicated recipes for this category of donuts either. The dough preparation does not differ for the different donut sizes.

The following table summarizes the different types of donut maker and the special advantages for you:

Donut machine typePreference
Standard donut maker
intuitive use, up to seven donuts can be produced at the same time
Donut maker for large donuts
makes large diameter donuts, saturate faster
Mini donut machine
prepares mini donuts, less power required

If you want to prepare muffins and bagels in addition to donuts, it is worth buying a 3 in 1 donut maker. The name already suggests that you can make several sweets in one machine.

3.3. Accessories simplify the use of the donut maker

When it comes to donuts, the batter is only part of the popularity. It is mainly the colorful toppings that inspire those who enjoy the delicacies. In order to make the donuts as colorful as they are at the bakery, it is worth buying a donut maker with accessories. This not only bakes the donut batter. You can apply the glaze with the supplied decorative syringes.

Some manufacturers also offer a streusel spreader. Other recommended extras are a storage box and a donut frame.

Tip: If you want to buy a donut maker with a wide range of accessories, you can look out for offers from the manufacturers. In addition, there are practical promotions at Internet retailers that enable the purchase of an entire donut maker set. Here the provider even provides simple donut maker recipes.

With many donut makers, you benefit from one Non-stick coating. This prevents the dough from sticking to the device when baking the delicacies. Otherwise, there is a risk of scraping the donut maker batter. However, donut maker tests warn that many manufacturers do not specify the type of non-stick coating. Teflon, for example, is one of the high-quality materials.

It's also worth it when the donut machine is over Features rubber feet. These are a useful safety precaution. The rubber prevents the machine from slipping during operation.

Lots of inexpensive donut makers wise no thermal insulation. If you accidentally come into contact with the hot outer shell, burns may result. The rubber feet reduce this risk of injury. However, you should make sure that the donut maker is on a level surface during the baking process.

3.4. Many manufacturers offer good donut makers

If you want to buy a new donut maker, there are many brands and manufacturers to choose from. For example, you can find the devices from the following providers:

  • Clatronic
  • Simeo
  • Bestron
  • TKG
  • Unold
  • Rosenstein & Sons

Which model you crown your personal donut maker test winner depends on several factors. Your preferences primarily determine which device you should choose. You can also purchase inexpensive donut makers on the Internet. Here, some private sellers also offer used items at bargain prices.

4. The most important questions and answers about the donut maker comparison

4.1. Making donuts without a donut maker - is that possible?

If you would like to prepare donuts without a donut machine, you can search the net for a corresponding recipe. You can also use a donut baking pan and the normal oven to prepare the delicacies.

4.2. Where can I find good cronut recipes?

To find a good Cronut recipe, you can search the internet. There are also corresponding baking books. After preparing, fill the dough into the donut maker and then enjoy it.

Bestron ADM218SD
Currently available for € 22.98
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Maximum power700 W
Donut number6 pcs.
How big are the baked donuts in the donut maker?The donuts that are baked in the Bestron ADM218SD donut maker have a diameter of about 5 cm.
Steba CM 3
Currently available from € 74.80
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Maximum power800 W
Donut number7 pcs.
Are the cake maker plates dishwasher safe?To extend the service life of the plates of the Steba CM 2 Cake-Maker, you should clean the plates by hand.
Clatronic DM 3495
Cheapest product in comparison
Currently available for € 20.84
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Maximum power900 watts
Donut number7 pcs.
How many donuts can you bake at once? Does the device get hot?The Clatronic DM 3495 Donutmaker has a plastic housing that hardly gets hot. In addition, it has a heat-insulating handle. You can use it to bake 7 donuts with a diameter of 7 cm each.
Syntrox Germany Chef Maker ZN
Currently available from € 54.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Maximum power2,000 watts
Donut number12 pcs.
How big is the Syntrox Germany Chef Maker ZN?The box dimensions of the Syntrox Germany Chef Maker are 31 x 12.5 x 38 cm. The mold can be used to bake up to 12 donuts at once.

Which are the best donut makers from our donut maker test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal donut maker test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): Steba CM 3 - from 74.80 euros
  • 2nd place - very good: Syntrox Germany Chef Maker ZN - from 54.99 euros
  • 3rd place - good: Clatronic CPM 3529 - from 29.95 euros
  • 4th place - good: Bestron ADM218SD - from 22.98 euros
  • 5th place - good: Clatronic DM 3495 - from 20.84 euros
  • 6th place - good: Silva-Homeline Donuts-Waffle-Cake-Pop Maker - from 39.99 euros
  • 7th place - good: Rosenstein & Sons 3in1 CM-430 - from 46.99 euros
  • 8th place - good: Syntrox Chefmaker SM-1300W - from 29.99 euros
  • 9th place - good: Tristar DM-1147 - from 49.99 euros
  • 10th place - good: Rosenstein & Sons Donutmaker: 3in1 - from 74.50 euros
  • 11th place - good: Russel Hobbs 24620-56 - from 49.99 euros

In the donut maker comparison, the products score with particularly high quality, because 2 "very good" donut makers and 9 "good" donut makers could be identified among the 11 donut maker models. None of the products in the product table for the donut maker comparison was rated worse than "good".

Two of the manufacturers presented in the donut maker comparison can even show more than just one excellent product - both Clatronic and Rosenstein & Sons offer you a diverse selection of "very good" and "good" donut maker models.

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Which manufacturers are included in the product comparison?

We compare donut makers from 9 different manufacturers. More precisely, the experts compared and rated models from Steba, Syntrox Germany, Clatronic, Bestron, Silva-Homeline, Rosenstein & Sons, Syntrox, Tristar or Russell Hobbs. More information "

How much do the recommended models on this page cost?

The cheapest donut maker currently costs 20.84 euros - if you have more budget, you can get the most expensive product for 74.80 euros. On average, the products presented here in the donut maker comparison cost around 45.00 euros. More information under Donut Maker Test. More information "

Which donut maker gets the best ratings from customers?

The Clatronic DM 3495 has been rated the most frequently by Amazon customers so far - a total of 677 times. The Rosenstein & Sons donut maker received the best average reviews: 3in1 - 4.5 stars on average. More information "

How many “VERY GOOD” donut makers are there?

Which donut makers were compared or tested?

A total of 11 pieces, more precisely the:

  • Russell Hobbs 24620-56
  • Rosenstein & Sons donut maker: 3in1
  • Tristar DM-1147
  • Syntrox Chefmaker SM-1300W
  • Rosenstein & Sons 3in1 CM-430
  • Silva-Homeline Donuts-Waffle-Cake-Pop Maker
  • Clatronic DM 3495
  • Bestron ADM218SD
  • Clatronic CPM 3529
  • Syntrox Germany Chef Maker ZN
  • Steba CM 3
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What else are customers looking for donut makers looking for?

The most searched alternative term for donut maker is donuts maker, followed by synonyms such as donut maker and donut machine. More information "