How do I extract a Skype ID

View full Skype chat history

I have Skype 2.8 on Mac OS X 10.5.8.

Under the chat menu there is an option called Recent Chats. This way I can view logs of recent chats, but not older chats.

I know the older ones are saved because they are in. This file contains text chat information from all of my previous Skype chats in a text editor. However, it is stored in an unknown file format that I cannot parse.

Does Skype have a built-in log viewer (like Adium's) that I can use to access these older logs?


I am not sure if this is the case entire History shows, but try the following. Open the chat window regardless of whether the contact is online or offline.

Then under "View previous messages:" click "All".

Alternatively, you can click the gear icon for the contact and select "View Chat History". This will generate an HTML file that will open in your web browser window.

The reason I'm not sure if it's showing all of the history here is because I can't fully remember when my chat history started on this computer.

Skype stores its chat history in a SQLite database:. You can use the command line tool to view the chat logs.

Find out the usernames of your chat partners

The following command in the terminal (I'm assuming you are using the shell) lists all the usernames of your chat partners:

Extract all messages to and from a specific chat partner

Option A. Write in the terminal

Use the following command to print all messages to and from a specific chat partner ():

This will print one message per line in chronological order, sending username, display name, date and text as follows:

danielbecks-username | Daniel Beck | 2012-02-03 08: 47: 53 | Just test something

Option B. Write to file

You can write this chat log directly to a file. Do the following to write the log to the file:

Of course, you can open it in any SQLite database viewer and continue from there.

You want to provide simpler, more up-to-date ways to view Skype logs:

  • Skyperious ( - Cross-platform GUI tool for editing Skype logs
  • SkypeBrowser ( - a web tool with similar functionality
  • Any SQLite manager (like this Firefox addon) - gives you full access to all data stored by Skype, including messages (see Daniel Beck's answer for details on how to use it).

Try out SkypeHistoryViewer.

A small program that allows the user to open their entire Skype activity history on a PC, check your kids' usage, who they are talking to, or check for a cheating partner. Currently for Windows Vista and 7.

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