What is a fashion faux pas

The biggest fashion faux pas

Muffin tops are tops that are actually a size too small. This is not about having to be size 0, but much more about knowing your size and not trying to squeeze into a size smaller by force. Because to me, having style also means being able to assess yourself and your body correctly, not striving for every ideal of beauty and possibly not being afraid to seek advice :) Nobody should use certain numbers to express their body feeling - size 36, 38 or 40 - moor, but in the best case know what suits your own body. Musty tops get their charming name from the love handles that can be seen on the waistband. Visually, it should be reminiscent of the overflowing lid from the muffin tin;) Actually a very sweet and above all delicious comparison. Personally, I prefer to wear oversize instead of tight-fitting clothes anyway. The unloved "Muffin Top" can also be easily avoided by using cool high-weist pants instead of super tight hipsters :) Here is a look that I wore a few years ago.


Good style and a nice outfit often have to do with the small, fine details. One of these details is the slit on a coat or jacket. Now some might say: what slot? Almost every coat has a slit at the back, which is often sewn up with a large X-stitch. Two fashion flops can happen here. Number one: you allow this X-stitch and don't remove the thread. The X should be opened after purchase. Number two: you open the X-stitch and the slit pops open when worn. What often doesn't seem so dramatic from the front, unfortunately comes true at the back. In this case, the coat was simply bought one size too small, so that there is not enough fabric in the back of the coat. This problem can be present particularly with short jackets and blazers, as these two jacket models often end directly at the bottom and are therefore at the "highest point". My tip: when buying, make sure that the jacket / blazer not only sits on the shoulders and waist, but also on the back of the buttocks :)

While you can now safely wear white pants and shoes, this doesn't really apply to neon colors. Unfortunately, they do not forgive anything, but instead give, through their intense color, even more attention to any part of the body that is perhaps not quite so perfect. A few years ago, neon was once again a mega trend and I also let myself be carried away. I was really so brave and wore neon yellow in everyday life and also combined a pink statement necklace. In 2012 I had a lot of neon items in my closet (shockingly). Why didn't the trend last really long? I definitely know why! If you still like the flashy color, you should rather use small-scale accessories such as shoes, bags, earrings and the like instead of all-over looks. So you can set eye-catching accents without looking like raver fright;) You want to see my personal neon fashion faux pas? Here you go:

Another uncomfortable detail - and not just for aesthetics, but also in the truest sense of the word - are blazer sleeves that are too tight. Sometimes you have the feeling that the blazer fits perfectly in length and shoulder width. The sleeves? Yeah, they tighten a bit, but you can still squeeze into them. No! Because the arms are more important than anything else. Because only they show your counterpart whether the blazer really fits. Everything else, such as shoulder width or waistline, we can only guess visually. Only the wearer knows the truth here. It is all the more important to make sure that the blazer sleeves fit. They shouldn't sit too tight or too baggy. Ideally in such a way that you can tie a braid without any effort. I've also bought blazers that were too tight and regretted it afterwards, because after a few hours not only did my arms feel numb, I was also only able to move extremely limited. After a while that was really annoying, because you always have to be afraid that something would break soon. So make sure when buying that every part of the body has space to breathe and move.

Yes, I know - just a few seasons ago, neoprene was THE IT material and nobody could get past it. Everyone celebrated the super fancy stuff in fashion. Today, a few years later, I can only shake my head, because neoprene material should definitely stay where it comes from: from swimming. Although the material is ideal for giving items of clothing such as skirts or dresses great dimensional stability, almost no other material is as bulky as neoprene. Due to its firm and stiff nature, it really doesn't flatter any figure and especially tops do nothing for the silhouette. That's why I stuck to a skirt in 2012. In neon pink. You see, I committed two fashion sins at once. Who can can ;)

Last but not least in the list of fashion faux pas: showing too much skin. Admittedly, I'm pretty buttoned up now and rarely show a lot of skin. And when I do this, I always use it very deliberately and with style. Based on my two looks from 2013 below, you can see that I have a lot of skin on both the top and the bottom. My tops are transparent and I wear a very short skirt. I wore it a good five years ago and would be an absolute no-go for me today! Because I think you have to decide: Either you show skin at the top and not at the bottom or the other way around. Showing both legs and cleavage is absolutely no longer possible for me today. Because good style is primarily characterized by the fact that you put your body in the limelight with the right clothing and not only impress with pure, bare skin.