Can I survive without a job

Life without a job

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    Make a job out of your hobby. The fact is, anything you are going to do to make money is going to take time. Time + money = a job. No matter what you do to make enough money to make ends meet, it can technically be considered a job, even if it's not work in the traditional sense. If you just want to avoid a job you hate or feel like you are working too hard, turn your favorite hobby into a job. No matter what you do, there is always a way to make money from it.

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    Work online. There are a number of websites out there that allow you to get quick tasks done for little money. The most popular is Amazon's Mechanical Turk, but ShortTask is also a good option. But remember that the earning potential is very slim. But you can easily do this while doing something else (like watching TV, going to the bathroom, or sitting on the bus).

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    House and pet sitting. When people go away, on vacation or on a business trip, they often want to make sure nothing goes wrong at home and pay someone to live in their house or take care of their front door until they get back. Start by being a house sitter to people you know in order to build the references you need. You can then find jobs online or in newspapers.

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    Sell ​​things. Go to flea markets or search websites like Craigslist and look for things that are free or inexpensive. Often times, you can just clean things up or fix them and then sell them for a lot more money. Sometimes you don't have to do anything, because people often sell things just because they want to get rid of them or because they don't know what they're worth.

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    Rent your house.If you own a house, you can rent a small, cheap apartment yourself and rent out your house for it. If your house is renting out well, your small apartment is cheap, and all of your loan payments have been made, this is where you can make money. This can be short-term (such as for congresses, sporting events or other events) or long-term.
    • But pay attention to the regulations in your city regarding rentals. You can get yourself a lot of trouble renting out, but your community won't allow you to do so without permission.
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    Use your body. No not like this. You can sell your blood, plasma, and other items like hair, eggs, semen, or be a test candidate for drug studies. Some of these things can be very time consuming, but others are very simple.

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    Run errands. Many people run errands or run things they can't or don't want to do themselves. This can range from picking up groceries to mowing the lawn, a trip to the doctor or delivering a package. A good place to find jobs like this is TaskRabbit. You usually need a background check and a car, but if you have both then you should find plenty of jobs that can bring you some cash.

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    Use stock photography. When websites, magazines or other media need photos, they rarely take them themselves, but pay someone a small license fee for their photos. These are stock photos. If you have a good camera, take some good photos and license them with Flickr or other stock photo websites. Get enough photos and you can make money without doing a lot.

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    Teach a subject that you can master. If you are good at something (for example, if you did math well in school), you can do easy and quick tutoring jobs to help students improve their grades. You can find many tutoring ads on Craigslist or other ad sites on the Internet. You may need references, but the pay can be good and the job is easy

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    Work in advertising. There are many ways to make money helping businesses advertise and market. You can get paid for surveys or participate in test groups. You can become a test customer, you get paid for it and you can sell the products afterwards to make money. 20 | 20 panel is a good place to find such opportunities.

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    Design products. If you have Photoshop and basic art knowledge, then you can make money creating designs for t-shirts and other products that you can sell through specialized online retailers. Websites like Society 6 and Redbubble allow you to design clothes and housewares. They will produce, sell, and ship these for you (in return they will receive a portion of the profit), but you can still make good money from your sales.

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    Write content for websites. Many websites will pay you to create text and content for them. Listiverse and eHow, for example, pay for items. However, that means you need to be able to write copy quickly to make it worthwhile. Have something to say and know your keyboard!

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    Write a blog. This can be like a normal job, but if you enjoy it and do it in a way that you enjoy, then it won't be difficult for you. Find a topic that suits you and that you enjoy and write blog posts, make YouTube videos, etc. Ads on your website can bring you a decent amount of money and tools like Google Ads make this very easy.