Why am I such a bastard

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What a bastard, after the scene at the train station!
Any such a bastard caught me with faked blood.
You know if I was in your position when such a bastard my girl would touch ...
Because you see, me, if I was in your situation, if some mop had their hands on my girl ...
Why is your dad such a bastard?
And as soon as my list is ready, send any such a bastard the whole troop in another district.
One week before graduation ... has such a bastard decided together with his buddy ... to teach me a lesson.
About a week before roughneck, a real ... bad kid, and his flunky ... decided to teach me a lesson.
How are you actually such a bastard become, Murphy?
Why does he have to such a bastard be?
Every day, I fight that image, and every day I screw it up such a bastard like you so no john i won't forgive you
Every day I fight against that image and every day a scumbag like you fucks it up, so no, John, I will not forgive you.
Where is the respect? Why does he have to such a bastard be?
What a bastardwho had nothing but stupid ideas.
What a bastardto pretend we're engaged
What a bastard want to tell her everything.
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