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old friend old chap old man old fellow old buddy old pal


General Ahmed is a old friend.
One is ours old friend Hobbes.
Edward, old friend. I am pleased.
Mecca is in the direction old friend.
I, old friend, sell paper.
Get to work old friend.
A old friend called us.
Here you speak old friend Colonel Klink.
The Englishman is a old friend.
A old friend comes from you.
NJ is a old friend from Ota ...
Today, we'll finalize the details NJ is Ota-san's very old friend...
And ours old friend Colonel Hogan.
Crystal unit ... here is one old friend.
Darby O'Halloran A. old friend by Wortham.
My dear old friend and teacher.
This is my old friend Eric ...
Our old friend had problems in the old district.
Our old friend has had some, what, trouble back in the stomping grounds.
He is a old friend from me.
Kane was a old friend of the President.
I'm sorry, old friend.
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