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The current Stack Overflow survey has unearthed interesting facts about the approximately 15 million software developers active there.


46 million people used Stack Overflow in January. Javascript, Notepad ++ and Mac OS X are the most common technologies among developers there, while SharePoint is one of the least popular tools. A software engineer usually finds a new job through acquaintances. The remote share of work is significantly higher in America than in Europe. The proportion of men is ~ 93%, the annual salary is ø 100,000 $. Developers have the highest satisfaction in gaming, the lowest in telecommunications.


Rust, Swift, F #, Scala and Go are the most popular programming languages ​​among developers, while VisualBasic, WordPress, Matlab, SharePoint and CoffeScript are the least popular technologies. Android, Node.js, Angular JS, Python and Javascript are the technologies that developers would like to deal with more intensively.

Moving away from preferences towards everyday use, the technology ranking on Stack Overflow is as follows:

  1. Javascript
  2. Java
  3. Android
  4. python
  5. C #

Worth mentioning are React, Spark, Swift and Cassandra, which are at the top of the technology trending and, in some cases, also in terms of payment.

Notepad ++ and Visual Studio are on par among the development environments, followed by Sublime Text, Vim (!), Eclipse and IntelliJ.

For the first time, Mac OS X was used as the main operating system by most developers. On the one hand, a clear signal to the company's IT departments that an operating system like Windows will increasingly no longer be sufficient for all employees. On the other hand, the question arises how Notepad ++ should be used on it ...

work environment

Interesting for HR managers: most developers find their job with friends, and in addition to the salary, the work-life balance and corporate culture are decisive for (or against) a corresponding job. With increasing experience, on the one hand the technologies used and on the other hand the ability to work remotely become more and more important. Interestingly, the proportion of developers who can really work remotely is highest in Argentina at 46.5%, followed by Mexico and the USA. In France the proportion is lowest at 23.5%. Germany ranks fourth from last!

The biggest annoyances in the job for a developer are unrealistic expectations, poor documentation, unspecific requirements and an inefficient development process; which is particularly interesting with the documentary, because everyone has it in their own hands.

With ~ 93% men there is an extreme imbalance in software development. Women find themselves most often as analysts and least often in embedded development.

A full stack developer in the USA earns an average of around $ 100,000 per year, with Scala know-how it can even be $ 125,000. A CTO has an average of $ 150,000 and a system administrator ~ $ 80,000. Most developers can naturally also be found in the software industry, with satisfaction being highest in gaming and lowest in telecommunications.