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Checks issued in the USA cashed in Germany

Thanks for the answers.

What Waltera writes is not entirely correct. I wrote that my primary concern is cashier's checks. However, these cannot be revoked, at most you can inform the bank about theft, loss or fraud. The legitimate recipient of the cahier's check (who I am after all) can always redeem it within 90 days, which the check issuer cannot prevent.

Apparently the main reason why German banks credit checks from the USA with some delay is protection in the event that the check fails.

All of this helps me little, of course. I've had a few friends and relatives inquire at their banks and it's the same everywhere: German banks typically take checks from the USA into account for 30 bank working days before they credit the amount.

After this long preface to my specific recommendations for people in a similar situation.

1.) Keep your account in the USA for at least one year despite returning to Europe. I kept mine for about half a year. That was enough to process some payments (deposit from the apartment, last payments from employers in the USA, reimbursements from utilities), but many things came later that are easy to forget. E.g. you get tax refunds in March or April of the following year at the earliest. The dissolution of a private pension / old-age provision was only possible many months after my return.

2.) If there is no longer an account in the USA, the sender asks whether he can send the money in another way (e.g. via international bank transfer or international money order). However, my personal experience is that often nothing is offered except check. In my case, financial institutions, other companies and the tax authorities (IRS) were anything but flexible in this regard.