Why does cat poop smell so bad

Cat feces stink

  • I was with a friend yesterday and she has a cat. The cat once went to her toilet and it stank. So I smelled it one room further.

    Say that is normal, the cat poop stinks right? When my cat defecates, it hardly smells at all. But I think that's normal.

    The feces from my friend's cat are mushy, not firm. I don't know that either. My tomcat has nice, firm manure and it is shaped like a sausage.

    She said that is normal, her cat has always excreted like this, yes, but it cannot be normal that it smells so extreme.

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  • Hello!

    Do you know what your girlfriend is feeding?

    This can also be due to the food.

    LG Sandra

  • @ kleinesschaf86

    Yes, cat excrement smells like Amonniak, it has the right consistency in the shape of a sausage and the cat is healthy; Cat droppings are one of the most "reduced" droppings, almost everything is used up. Mushy, for example, can result from giving milk or other dairy products if the cat is not used to it from an early age. Some cat foods (for example our Whiskas) lead to bloating and stink when you defecate. Emotionally put it this way, I mean that cats can also "stink" if they want, almost on command]: D.

    ... it doesn't matter, I love cats ...

  • She feeds Kit Kat and the cat needs 4 bags a day to get full. That's 400 grams. Mine eats 200g of food and is full afterwards.

  • @ kleinesschaf86

    Ask your girlfriend what exactly she feeds. Maybe it would be good to change the menu, because if 400g of feed per day (but not an unusual amount & # 8211; e.g. for outdoor enthusiasts) are only pumped through, therefore little is consumed at the back. Change & # 8211; ma give good dry food for a while (that's from Whiskas again) and enrich the menu, be it with a little tuna in water from the can, or unseasoned food that a wild cat can get at would, not in large quantities, but to stretch the menu, to change it unnoticed or to incorporate a fasting period.

  • i have had a cat for 2 months whose faeces smell so bad. I've never seen it before. already had a few cats, of course they smell a bit stronger at times, but not soo. in addition, their excrement is not really firm, slightly mushy and somehow so orange.

    I don't think that's normal. so it smells so bad that you might faint. she also farts constantly and that smells almost as bad. very different from the other cats so far. she also eats a lot and is still totally thin / slim (but it can also be due to the age, is currently 5 months old).

    not all of her sausages are so mushy and orange, they sometimes also make firm, darker ones. it is dewormed. no idea what she has ... she eats trofu and nafu, no particularly high-quality food, stop from the supermarket, have no money for anything better, but i fed the other cats that too. could there be an intestinal disease or is that orange feces normal?

  • achja something else. she also poops a lot. so in my experience with cats over many years, really a lot.

    When my one cat was alone for a short time, I had to do the toilet, for example, once a week, now I have to do it every day and it is jam-packed, so it does 5 times as much as the big one. that is certainly not normal

  • She only feeds Kit Kat and only feeds turkey, nothing else. Your cat lives in the apartment and does not go outside.

    Mine only eats meat and does not get anything else to eat, no cat food.

    As far as I know, my girlfriend's cat also has tartar and it has to be removed regularly.

    But the thing with the faeces doesn't leave me in peace, it's also disgusting when the whole apartment looks like .... stinks as soon as the cat has to.

    I don't even know that and my hangover had never had tartar, his teeth are blooming white. By and large, he is also fitter. Although he is already older at 5 years old.

  • @ incognito

    So orange, pulpy droppings are not normal ...

    Have you ever been to the doctor with your cat?

  • No, orange pulpy droppings are not normal. Go to the vet and take some of the poop with you.

    Maybe it also helps to change the feed?

  • Here you can read a lot of interesting things about cats in general and especially about the right food!


    LG Sandra

  • @ incognito

    Good food doesn't always have to be expensive, Aldi has wet food from the LUX brand (Aldi Nord), for 49 cents a can, which in any case contains 50-60% meat and no unnecessary additives such as grain or sugar.

    This is always better than the other cheap stuff!

    I can't afford the expensive varieties for 2 euros a can either!

    LG Sandra

  • @ Kleinesschaaf86 Do you really only feed raw meat? Do you also take supplements? Otherwise, you can assume that your hangover will suffer from symptoms in the long run. Even if he is currently in a good mood and fit.

    Basically, the higher the quality of the food, the better the cat can digest it, the less it poops, the less it smells. Fillers like grain, soy etc lead to digestive problems that you can smell ...

    There are feeds with 100% meat, without attractants, flavor enhancers and sugar. It's a bit more expensive, but my cats eat less of it, don't get fat and are in top shape.

    Fresh meat is served twice a week. I give it to them in pieces the size of goulash so that they have a real bite to eat. You don't have tartar either. But you are not allowed to feed raw pork. But turkey, chicken and beef are fine.

  • What Bette says.

    Bette, just a quick question:

    There are feeds with 100% meat, without attractants, flavor enhancers and sugar.

    100%? I know 80%, 100% I can't think of any brand at the moment, which would that be, for example? Almo nature?

  • She feeds Kit Kat and the cat needs 4 bags a day to get full

    Well 4 bags of Kitkat http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitkat is of course also bad for the cat ... There is too much chocolate in it.

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